Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bookmarks, Earrings, Dragon, Necklace and a Doily

Julie's grandmother gifted special people with tatted crosses and when her grandmother passed away, Julie was inspired to learn how to tat and continue the tradition. She used pretty dusty rose color labeled as Star Puritan to make Mary Konior's cross called Mark-My-Word.

Corina tatted Marilee Rockley's Elegance earrings from Boutique Tatting patterns in Lizbeth thread and noted that the large beads look black but they are actually purple.The Celtic cross was on her to do list and she did it in two colours of Lizbeth 20, a solid and a variegated purple.

IsDihara received the magnet bookmarks she ordered from Jane Eborall, a butterfly and a seahorse.

Wanda has a shot of Ryan the Flying Minor Norwegian Dragon designed by Anne Bruvold tha she tatted in DMC Cebelia size 30 in Christmas green and #797 blue with a single strand of gold metallic embroidery floss. She used part of Miranda's Angels in the Snow pattern and created a pendant using Lizbeth size 20 in Seagreen Dk 688 with added black shell beads.

Marty has a bunch of blinged shuttles to send off to Shuttlebirds and on the tatting front, she has the beginning of a doily by Jan Stawasz done. She made some modifications, ditching the frilly picots and "let's do a zillion motifs" for the cleaner, "lets do it all in rounds" approach, which required a little flexing of the stitch count. She needs to flex it a little more to get it to sit right without stressing the joins.

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