Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bookmarks, Motifs, Dragon, Edging and Shamrocks

Journey did Jon Yusoff's pattern for her foldover bookmark, without the foldover piece and had to do some adjustments so that she could work it in 2 colours.
Orsi has been working on another flower design but the black isn't quite the way she wants it. Done all in white it would make a pretty snowflake.

Corina tatted Anne Buvold's Norwegian flying dragon but she did a "snow dragon" to decorate this lamp shade. It's almost invisible until the light is turned on.

Sunshinecraft tatted the Kerongsang motif from Jon Yusof's Tatting with Rings in Altin Basak metallic polyester.
Barbara has tatted another pattern from Mary Konior's 'Tatting with Visual Patterns' book. This one is called Faith and it's done in Lizbeth size 20 thread in purple.
Cindy has tatted Za-Woalka Bookmark in salmon colored size 8 cotton perle and Yarnplayer's Tourmaline HDT, Size 20. It's nice to have a supply of tatted things done that you can put in a birthday card, or share with friends.

Diane received her Leafy Greens thread and started right in on the edging, which is looking lovely.
Kat tatted the Gina and Sharren's shamrocks but was enjoying herself too much to have time to post them on St Paddy's day.

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Julie said...

I would very much like to participate, have just been tatting one month and would like to use this to help me keep motivated. This isn't my first motif, but the first on my blog that I can share...