Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Butterflies, Dragonflies, Bookmarks, Edging, Motifs, and Hearts

Linda has added tatted embellishments to some CQ mug rugs.

Bev aka BJ has tatted Jeanne Lugart's Blue Rosary for her friend in size 20 Morning Glory HDT by Yarnplayer, using genuine pearls, sterling charm, and a silver metallic thread cross designed by Jane Eborall.

Brigitte tatted the simple edging on this bib using two shuttles and just switched them whenever necessary. The thread is a variegated Altin Basak 50 which works up between a size 20 and 30.

Fox just wanted to tat something pretty in pink and grabbed these threads that weren't the same size and added in a few beads for a very pretty motif. It was a wonderful accident that it all worked together so well. The second small motif is by Kaye Judt, from Motifs for Marie with a section added because of the disparate thread sizes. The pink thread is Peace, size 20 HDT, by Yarnplayer and the purple and silver metallic which is way thinner was given to her by Suneeti.

Ingrid tatted an insertion in white Durable cotton using a pattern is from an antique Dutch pattern book, called: Nieuw uitgebreid Frivolité-boek, voor beginnelingen en bekwame handwerksters and turned it into a bookmark by adding a tassel.
Kat needle tatted Jon Yusoff's Enchanter Hearts, one in Lizbeth Spring Garden and the other in Tropical Punch.

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