Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bookmark, Doily, Hearts, Motifs and an Easter Chicken

Cindy has started on a bookmark she found on line. Then there is the Starlight Doily from the Tatter's Treasure Chest she started using Yarnplayer's size 20 Summer Trail HDT. Her enthusiasm lagged when it didn't whip up as quickly as a crocheted doily. She likes having lots of projects on the go.

Fox has tatted Martha Ess' heart using Jane's blip-less joins for a really pretty result. Then she did some modifications to another pattern, that didn't work the way she had anticipated. She did Mary Konior's Queen of Hearts and even got the direction changes right, but made a mistake elsewhere, so now she's started it over.

Isa did this Easter chicken which is a pattern by Ewy Persson tatted in DMC size 20 white, red, yellow and 2 beads. What a charming design!

Laura was tatting while she was travelling and has 4 designs to show for it. She has plans to take the best 15 out of the 25 and putting them into a book. All of the designs have bee made with DMC cordonnet special 20 shade 554. She also did 4 of the dragon wing doilies by Anne Bruvold which will make fantastic coasters for her SIL.

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