Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cross, Bookmarks, Snail, Starfish, Edging, Doily and Snowflakes

I've finally been able to add pictures to yesterday's post.

Julie had an idea for a celtic cross which looked wonderful in her head but it wasn't quite the same she she tatted it. Maybe it just needs a little tweaking.
Journey tatted Jane Eborall's Starfish to help decorate an Easter basket at work and has plans to tat a dolphin and maybe a seahorse to go with their "at the beach" theme.

Bree has tatted part of Jon Yusoff's Foldover bookmark once in Lizbeth size 20, the blues are 651 and 656 and once in green and coral 628. She picked up a large letter be that she has started decorating and she's auditioning some pieces of tatting to embellish it with.

Hattalahutta has posted a picture of her nearly completed snail from Inga Madsen's Tatted Animals. The shell colour is Lizbeth, maybe, Razzle Dazzle and yellow, although she's not sure whic yellow. She turned the shell around because it spiraled the wrong way and she has to add the antennae and the last few rings and chains to finish it off.

Nancy tatted an edging from Mary Konior's Tatting with Visual Tatting for her neice that is getting married in May and teal and peach are her wedding colors.
Linda is embellishing a CQ block and for a seam treatment she added a bit of tatting using Lizbeth 20 Vineyard Harvest in the Hens and Chicks pattern. 

Cindy was wondering which colour would be the best for finishing off her doily. She started with Summer Trail HDT, but it might run out before she's finished and cream, lavender, green or yellow/orange all match well. After receiving a lot of feedback she decided to go with the yellow/peach colour which was a good choice.

Diane received Fox's traveling copy of Let's Tat by Angeline H. Crichelow sent from Marie with a beautiful tatted piece. Reading this book sent her back to Mary Konior and she decided to tat and edging in Forget-me-not for a hanky she found in a dollar store in Alabama in size 20 Lizbeth, Juicy Watermelon. She felt the urge to tat a motif, and Nancy Tracy's Tatted Medallion was a perfect choice. Now after some down time watching TV she has a good length of edging done for her hanky.

Fox is half way through her hanky edging and she's beginning to wonder if the post office is being slow with it's delivery of the one sent to her sister.

Gina has tatted a blue magnolia from a pattern by Nancy Tracy and she thinks the threads are Altin Basak. She wanted to play a little more with the insert pattern, adding more beads and in different ways.This time she decided to put 2 beads, size 11 seed beads, in the bare space between small rings on what she thinks is size 30 thread. She tatted the next one with 3 beads in the bare thread space with a crochet header along the top and didn't join the 2 sides together. Here they are added to a simple pincushion. The other one has been added to a sachet.

Kat needle tatted Easy Tatted cross in Lizbeth size 20 in Mountain Breeze because she was in need of a quick cross to give to someone who had been sick.
Martha received Nancy Tracy's newsletter and used the flower pattern to make a snowflake for the new Palmetto fundraiser.
Mica made a rosette a few months ago but didn't like the way it looked so she did it again in DMC Special Dentelles 80 in ecru with slightly different inner rings and thinks it looks much better.

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