Friday, March 18, 2011

Motifs, Shamrocks, Bookmarks, Butterflies, Dragonflies and Snails

Ninetta had a triple challenge with this motif designing a new pattern, finding the right tension, and using two infrequently used techniques, namely the Catherine join and folded rings. It's done in DMC 80 and the finished size is about 5.5cm wide.

Orsi has been working on a flower design, but it isn't going the way she wants it to, so she's going to give it another try.

IsDihara has uncovered a leprechaun romance in bloom and St Patrick's Day greetings are flying through the air adorned with tatted shamrocks.

Barbara has tatted my shamrock bookmark from Transitions in Tatting From Flat to Floral, a quick tat and perfect for St Patrick's Day.

Brigitte was one of several ladies attending a workshop where tatting, twilling, crochet and knitting were being demonstrated. Those who tried out tatting were allowed to select a tatted paperclip to take home and it made a great incentive to give tatting a try.

Diane has finally finished Alexandra from Tatting Patterns by Lyn Morton. She was especially happy to tat the pattern when she found out Lyn is part of her friend Geraldine's tatting group.

Fox has a beaded shamrock done for St Patrick's Day. She tatted a lovely pattern she found on line, but she isn't thrilled about the thread colour, or that fact that she stabbed herself with the hook on her shuttle. OUCH!

Isa tatted this motif from a web page with cotton thread size 20. She has done 25 motifs again finishing with this design she created, done in metal silver thread, with the center being a brooch she had.

Kathy tatted Sharren Morgan's shamrock pattern in DMC Perle Cotton Size 8, Color 909 and mounted it on a scalloped black velvet paper disc.  

Sherry shows us the delightful Miss Picadilly sporting the tatting adorned onsie she received from Diane.

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