Monday, March 14, 2011

Bookmark, Doily, Motifs, Shamrocks and Heart

Journey started a bookmark pattern by Lenore English in Lizbeth size 40 colours #664 and #642, but she started it in a different place than was suggested and turned in a different place, then ran out of the teal thread. So it's quite a bit shorter than anticipated, but she ran a tie through it, so now it's a wall hanging of sorts.

Orsi has been playing with Napoleon themed designs. First there was a Napoleon Motif, then came a Waterloo edging to surround it, and now she has added more Napoleon motifs in a row outside that to make one spectacular doily.

Kat finished a shuttle tatted Stumpy bookmark, but she didn't like the look of it and she decided to do it again in needle tatting for a much better result. That finishes her 25 and she's ready to start another set.

Linda has joined a "Mug Rug" swap and her mug is decorated with tatted butterflies, flowers and dragonflies.

Gina tatted these Bloomin" Shamrocks in time for St Patrick's day. And these 6 shamrocks and a lucky clover are the Lucky Seven. See her blog for the patterns.

Martha is knee deep in moving and decorating, but she found this little heart and she's not sure if it's someone's pattern or an idea she was working on. Any ideas?

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