Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Bookmarks, Motifs, Bracelet, Earrings and Edging

Journey has another bookmark done. This one is Kim Millar's Spanish Bookmark, made with Lizbeth #641 size 40.

Ninetta designed this motif, drawing it first. It's tatted with DMC 80. The next motif has 3 rows beginning with simple ring followed by a row in block tatting and a third row of ring and chains, tatted in DMC 80.

Orsi has 3 triangular motifs done and she thinks they look like an iron gate.

Kat did a test tat for Jessica at Snapdragon Lace. The pendants are needle tatted in Lizbeth Boysenberry dark size 20 and the bracelet is needle tatted in Country Turquoise Medium size 20.

Wanda is finally finished with her Trial and Error bookmark and there are a few things that she'd change, but it still works well to keep her place.

Fox shows us how she did the decorative join as described in the antique pattern book. There's no guarantee this is what was meant but it sure looks like the end result. The next bit shows how it looks in use. The edging is done and being attached to the hanky. This is the FUN part. Why is it that finishing things off always seems to take longer than the tatting itself?

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