Sunday, March 06, 2011

Flowers, Motif, Cross, Edging, Necklace, and a Dragonfly

Mary shows us her little crocheted bear with his swing covered with tatted flowers.

As usual, Orsi is thinking of tatting in terms of fabric and she has in mind to create something in black with white flowers between. She is thinking of beads in the Josephine knots and the black thread is finer than the white, but it isn't quite what she wants yet.

Kat has tatted the Pernille cross from Lene Bjorn's tatted crosses book with Lilac Dk in Lizbeth 20.

Fox is nearing the finish line of this tatted border and the white of white picture doesn't show it well, but there are sparkly little beads on all the joins that give it a delicate glitter.

Isa has finished her necklace. The round motif has an added heart shaped drop and the undulating band is a perfect match for it.

 Vanessa tatted the dragonfly by Umi and Tsuru and has him perched on the pear tree under the watchful eye of the goose.


Fox said...

Hey, Sharon,
Thank you for noticing those little sparkles!
Fox : )

Anonymous said...

Everyone does such lovely work... They look beautiful, everyone! :-)

Count me in on the challenge, I did my first one yesterday and posted it today: