Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Necklaces, Rings, Snowman, Bracelet, Earrings, Motifs, Doilies, Baby Bonnet and Bookmarks

The Guidelines
1. Permission to copy. When a participant joins they are authorizing me to copy their pictures to be shown on the challenge blog.
2. The blogs are ALL checked whenever there is an update using the links list in the sidebar on the right, there is no need to advise me that you have added new content. If your new items haven't shown up, it's because I haven't had time to do an update yet.
3. I can't keep track of how many motifs each person does. You may post articles of tatting that you don't plan on including in your 25, or you may post a pair of earrings and count each earring as a separate motif. I don't read minds, so it's up to each participant to tell me when they have reached their goal of 25.
4. From past experience I know the challenge is addictive. If you finish and plan on doing it again let me know so that I continue to check your blog on a regular basis. Also let me know if once was enough so that I can move your blog to the list of past participants.
5. Whenever you get a chance don't just view the pictures here, take the time to click on the links to people's blogs and read all about what they are doing, instead of just getting the snippets of it here. People like it when you take the time to visit their blog and comment on their work. A lot of the fun of the challenge is that we get to know each other and encourage one another to try new things.
6. Tatting 25 motifs in a year typically means tatting 2 motifs per month. Tatters who do not post any tatting content for 5 or 6 months will be removed from the list of participants.

Dorota used natural beige colour thread, beads and coconut shell to make this necklace and rings.

Melanie did several sketches, some test tatting that she lost track of and finally arrived with the snowman, but now that it's done she thinks it looks like a duck, maybe because the beads are too big.

Mary Lena added glass beads, tiny silver bows and tatted flowers to make an utterly charming set of earrings, bracelet and necklace for a young lady.

Julie tatted Jennifer Williams Cluny Flower Pattern with black and a colourful variegated thread for a very dramatic look. She shows a length of cluny leaves and notes that cluny leave and split rings can be interchanged in designs. She has included a video link to show the process on her blog.

Sue has been working on her doily adding motifs around the outer rim, but she was distracted while watching TV and joined to the wrong point. Rather than cut she laboriously undid the work and is now happily half way around it.

Linda finished the doily from Catherine Austin's book, A New Twist on Tatting working it in size 20 purple/white variegated.

Diane finally took the plunge and restarted round 10 of her Jan Stawasz Masterpiece doily.

Fox finished fussing with the tatted cap and blocked it over a bowl perched on a glass. Once it was shaped it was still large enough for an adult's head so she gave it a bath in very hot water and now it will fit a small child, but it's too large for and infant. She recommends that anyone wanting to make it use size 30 for a child or very small adult. Fox has reached down deep and found the necessary intestinal fortitude to struggle on with the Fikkert doily and achieve completion. To that end she is making the round of outer motifs. After these are secured by the third row of the motif, there are 24 smaller motifs to be tatted and attached by twisty chains. She's working through it! Way to go!

Jenn has round 6 of the Mystery TAL done and she's enjoying these easy rows that let her multitask.

Marie was using up some thread and designed this Pink Beady necklace. That was so much fun that she did another in white. The earring has been reworked with beads,pearls and tatting for a lovely pendant.

Martha has been busy with lost of other things, but now and then she pulls Wiosna out of her tatting bag and works on it.

Muskaan shares her progress through the 2015 Beginner's Mystery Tat-A-Long from the beginning medallion through to the scalloped edging. The design by Tina Frauberger was re-worked by Robin Perfetti and then turned into a lovely bookmark.

Phyllis has been working on smaller projects like the red earrings, called Simple ROR earrings by Corona Meyfeldt, while the medium blue are Tigereye earrings by Elizabeth C. Zipay. The green earrings are a pattern by Kerstin called Tutu Motif.  The blue Tardis Bookmark is by Anne Bruvold.  The pen insert is from Tat Days 2013 by Tonya Smith.  The key fob was the start of a lanyard for hubby using a pattern by Patti Duff.

Wanda, besides decorating buttons, made a few bookmarks while on the cruise in Lizbeth #130 Island Breeze and #122 Caribbean in size 20.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Doilies, Doodles, Hearts, Crosses, Ornaments, Bracelet, Earrings, Pendants, Snowflakes, Geckos, and Motifs

Julie finished the tatalong making the Little Lace Mat by Norma Benporath using Lizbeth 40, colours 646 et 647. She decided to do the last round in 2 sections, making the clovers separately, which of course made for a lot of ends to hide.

Linda started a doily from Catherine Austin's book, A New Twist on Tatting in size 20 purple/white variegated. She's still working on her CQ block and she always manages to add in a bit of tatting.

Diane emptied a shuttle doing this doodle from the Japanese book Tatting Lace. She had a couple of other shuttles that needed emptying and she worked on an idea she had, but it didn't progress the way she thought it would.

Fox, our perfectionist is not happy with how this doily is working out, with patches in places and bad spots (I can't see them, can you?), so she may just use the thread for a different project. She finished the Russian Mignonette pattern and had fun with it. Usually she doesn’t block with pins, but had to in this case, and it was worth the effort. Susan K. Fuller's Heart's Desire that is about an inch and a half wide, tatted in #80 Lizbeth Wildflower.

IsDihara tatted three cross bookmarks from the marvellous pattern by Grace Tan: Jane's Bookmark Cross. The first one, is tatted in purple using Flora size 20 #64. Cross two is tatted using Lizbeth size 20 Caribbean #122 and three is tatted using Lizbeth size 20 Summer Fun #104. Enchanter-Inspired Heart by Jon Yusoff is tatted in Lizbeth size 20 Boysenberry Dark #644 and Flora size 20 #238. She finished up an ornament; the Ribbon Candy Christmas Tree Ornament by Bonnie Swank designed for their neighbourhood Tatting Social group. These ornaments look especially nice when strung with pearls or Swarovski crystals.

Margaret and Suzanne have been challenging each other to find something on Pinterest that they could tat and her choice is Kersti's Floral Tatted Bookmark tatted in Lizbeth size 20 Summer Fun with a bead added to the centre of the ring for an interesting bracelet.

Marie has made a complete set of her jewelry with this bracelet. Here is the set with earrings, bracelet necklace and pendant. She tatted the Eclipse snowflake in two colours. She finished Jan Stawasz' Number 14 doily and her colour choice resulted in a sunflower with butterflies in the middle.

Muskaan shares her notes on working the TIAS doily by Iris Niebach that she introduced in 2009. The finished doily that Muskaan tatted in size 20 Anchor Mercer Crochet Cotton, Khaki Brown 4054-0359 and Cream 0300 measures 9.5 inches across.

Sue tatted Jane Eborall's gecko pattern in size 80 Lizbeth Springtime to make earrings for her granddaughter who has trouble finding earrings that don't give her infections. The larger one is tatted in size 40 Lizbeth Caribbean and will possibly become a necklace.

Wanda took Lizbeth #130 Island Breeze and #122 Caribbean in size 20, and a handful of buttons to decorate with her when she left for Alaska intending to make some quick give aways.