Saturday, November 22, 2014

Angel, Ornaments, Motifs, Snowflakes, Bracelet, Earrings, Necklaces, Pin, Doilies, Collar, Crown, Edging and Cross

Muskaan shares information on how she uses an auxiliary thread in 3D applications. She give two variations of how she does this working in padded tatting.

Batty Tatter has completed the Tatsy Christmas Angel that she did from a pattern that she got from Ebay. The Angel took her two weeks to tat and a day to assemble. This is the Tatsy Christams stocking and she did two, stitched them together and stuffed them with batting.

Lilas likes using beads in her tatting but it can be hard to find something suitable, especially when she has to order online. The Miyuki beads worked well on size 40 thread but when she ordered Czechs Preciosa beads they were smaller and could only be used on size 80 thread.

Sue has used one element of a mat by Jon Yusoff to make a snowflake, but not that the motif is finished she's wondering what it would look like in 2 colours with beads. These earrings were made for a friend and they just need finishing off and ear wires added before she ships them off.

Claire used Lizbeth size 20 in Falling Leaves to make this design from a cro-tat pattern.

Cigdem calls this necklace earring and bracelet set Passion. It's made with bright red colour beads tatted in silver metallic thread and she started with an antique pattern to make the necklace, then adapted the pattern to make the bracelet and the earrings.

Barbara has finished her challenge with Yakut, another of Jon Yusoff's designs from Elegant Tatting Gems worked in Lizbeth size 40, Spice Cake.

Grace shows pictures of the same motif based on a design from Anne Orr's collection which she had to modify to avoid cupping. She worked with both Aunt Lydia's thread and Garden Metallic, both with a metallic filament, but she found the Aunt Lydia thread better to work with.

Fox tried a number of solutions to get this motif from DMC's Festive Tatting to lay the way she wanted. The Monster Doily is a monster and she's hoping to have it done before the new year. This motif from Karey Solomon's Tatting Times, was done in Karey's own #40 HDT.

Kristen has done another review, this time on Tatting Patterns and Designs by Gun Blomqvist and Elwy Persson which has a little of everything from doilies, edgings, and motifs for a mobile to collars and crowns.

Margaret bought two brooches which in the market last month and used white no 20 Lizbeth thread on both. The top one has gold seed and crystal beads, while the pink rose one has gold seed beads. This hanky edging has been her "take it with me" project for quite a while, but now it's done in Altin Basak thread no 50 white using a design from Renulek's snowflake mat.

Phyllis has put her monster doily on hold and instead is working on just 4 rows of Doily VI from Jan Stawasz's Tatted Treasures in Lizbeth size 20 in Root Beer Float as an engagement gift.

HisKid wanted to tat something interesting and decided that the broomstick lace look of the recent bookmark she tatted would look really good as a cross and while it might not have come out quite as she envisioned it, that results are very pretty.

Wanda found some novelty wooden spools with various colours of thread wound on them and by adding wee tatted motifs she now has some unique Christmas ornaments.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pin, Star, Motifs, Flower, Dragon, Pendants, Earrings, Snowflakes, Doilies, Humminbird, Tablecloth, Necklace and Edging

Chantal joins the challenge with a tatted poppy she created for Remembrance day in honour of her father, starting with a base by Jon. Then she designed a second petal and a leaf to go with it. Adding a pin to the back makes a lovely wearable poppy.

Jenn found this mountains/night time scrap booking paper which formed a perfect background for Frivole's Twinkle Twinkle Star done in micro C-Lon nylon cord in baby blue colour for her first hand made card exchange.

Muskaan continues her motif play showing how different segments of the magic square can be utilized as triangles. The square design has been done in 4 colours showing 4 triangles. This triangular sections was used to decorate the collar of a dress. She arranged Josephine rings, which are often denoted as Josephine Knots or JK in other patterns, in a perpendicular fashion to make the centre and buds of her Tiny Heart Poppy flower and she has added a tutorial to her blog.

Erisnyx started in size 10 with this critter's legs and went on from there making this excess thread project. Standing about four inches tall at her snout, this three dimensional "dragon thing" as she calls it, has a wingspan of seven inches from wingtip to wingtip. After making the legs, she began the body at the tail and worked her way up to the neck. After she made the head and attached it she made the framework for the wings, and lastly the membrane which was sewn onto the body.

Lilas drew this design and then tatted it in black thread with tiny red beads. A simple and elegant pendant with matching earrings.

Sue tatted Jane Eborall's design for the Inside Out Snowflake and she has plans to put a bead or something in the middle. The next design is from the ROT Pattern of the Month Club but she has replaced picots with beads and the top still needs doing.

mb duke made several more pendants and earrings based on Ewa's pattern with modifications. Here are the earring to match the pendant done in  Perfect Quilter in red and beige. She liked how it turned out so she did another set in size 70 vintage Coats and Clark purple size 70 and Oren Bayan colour #4433 (the dark purple). Mirabelle from La Cosette made a lovely pair of snowflake earrings in size 80 Lizbeth thread in white.

Fox thinks she miscounted, and for once it's to her advantage, as she's on the 16th round and there are only 18 rounds in the Monster Doily. It's taking forever, but it is progressing. It may be boring to tat, but it's getting lovelier by the inch. She started on a design from DMC's Festive Tatting but the pattern was a stinker to follow so she's just doing her own thing and improvising as she goes, otherwise known as designing.

Marie used two strands of Coats and Clark, silver sewing thread around a blue cats-eye to make this Arctic Pendant. The pendant needed matching earrings. Here's another variation of the same pendant, followed by a picture of both pendants and the earrings together.

Martha needed a change of pace and worked a few of Jane's patterns beginning with her hummingbird and added in a third shuttle trying to work it all in one pass. The bottom design is Jane's Inside Out Snowflake.

HisKid has over 200 motifs done for the tablecloth already!!! She has been doing some test tatting for Elaine P. Gan a motif and a necklace, both of which are interesting designs.

Wanda has made another lampshade with a tatted edging, this one in Lizbeth black, size 20, that features a button motif on the side.