Monday, April 14, 2014

Hat, Edging, Easter Egg and Doilies

Sue has the top of the crown finished on her hat.

Lelia took 4 hours to tat 22 inches of Marguerite in Lizbeth size 20, Col 603 by Mary Konior from The Tatting Book of Patterns.

Linda tatted Snowflake 9 in the book, Festive Snowflakes  & Ornaments, edited by Barbara Foster, using Lizbeth 10 Purple Med #632 and Rainbow Taffy #153 for the one on the left and Lizbeth 10 Xmas Green #638 and Fruit Fizz #139 for the one on the right. The pattern is mounted on a satin Easter egg, with a partial snowflake on the back.

Orsi has also been drawn to tat Renulek's Spring doily and she's working with size 20 Hakelgarn thread in pale green. The first three rows are done.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Butterflies, Heart, Edging, Motifs and Bracelet

Lelia dad some shuttles with beads loaded & made some doodles using Grace Tan's heart pattern and Carol's Butterfly pattern in Lizbeth size 20, colours 139, 145 and 185. Then while gathered with girlfriends she worked on the Marguerite edging pattern by Mary Konior, from A Tatting Book of Patterns.

Fox is taking a break from the large doily to test out a new shuttle and using Viola designed by Frivole is size 40 Lizbeth. She received a lovely bracelet from Lilas this week, from France.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Doilies, Necklaces, Earrings, Bunnies, Motifs, Ring and Cameo

Batty Tatter is up to row 5 on Renulek's Spring Doily, but working on it while being distracted in the waiting room meant that some mistakes had to be cut off.

Lilas has her very first diagrammed pattern completed for her Feather necklace and she has graciously posted it to her blog.

Sue has 5 motifs done on her hat and she even sewed in the ends. Getting to the end of a large project and then having mind numbing hours of sewing in ends, is enough to keep the project an unfinished WIP for years to come. Remember this lovely necklace? Now it has matching earrings.

Nancy has used Mark Myers' pattern to tat Bunnies in lots of chocolate flavours.

Diane is working on the next round of Marilee Rocklee's Arches doily.

Fox is chugging right along on Renulek's Spring doily, but as with all large doilies, the more rounds you tat the longer it takes to finish the round.

Marie tatted another motif from the Occhi book. She fused the motifs onto a summer shirt and added a little gold fabric paint. Motifs are great for dressing up all kinds of things like shirts, jeans, hats and bags.

Orsi loves Maltese tatting and has used it to create a ring with a celtic rose. The cameo is a good basic piece for future motifs.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Doilies, Necklace, Hat, Bookmarks, Flowers, Bunny, Motifs, Pendants, Mice and Easter Eggs

Batty Tatter has completed row 3 of Renulek's Spring Doily and she's still using 2 shuttles.

Stephanie finally managed to get a picture of the finished flower doily from Jan Stawasz' first book.

Sue has finished her necklace which will look good with summer T-shirts. She has started joining together the motifs for her hat. Working with motifs means that there are a lot of endings and beginnings and the need to keep more full shuttles on hand to replace the ones that empty. She's already on her fifth motif.

mb duke got bored working on this round of the doily which has multiple repeats and twice she forgot to join the 6th ring to the 1st ring. She put it aside to tat this lovely cross from the book Tatted Bookmarks - Cross Shaped by Lena Bjorn done in Lizbeth size 40 Arctic Waters and Fern Green Medium. Then she worked on some flowers by Jan Stawasz from his book Tatted Treasures with yellow centers in Lemon Yellow light and the bright pink petals in Altin Basik #358 and stems of Christmas green.

Nancy used Mark Myers pattern to tat bunnies; one in vanilla and one in chocolate.

Diane has the Russian doily finished in Victorian Red which is a lovely colour for the design. She has been admiring Marilee Rocklee's Arches doily and finally took the plunge, working again in Lizbeth Victorian Red. Her students are working away perfecting their chains and picots. Diane has the next round of the Arches doily done. Her students are still tatting away on chains but Paige finished another motif and Diane showed how to block it.

Kristen tatted a ring around a bead, but can't seem to do two in a row without gaps. Emptying some shuttles she tatted, Plain Square Medallion  from Tatting by Adeline Cordet - Book 5. She also did a Bookmark adapted by Kendra Goodnow but since she was emptying the shuttle, she ran out of thread and made an abbreviated version.

Marie made several diamond motifs tatting with two strands of metallic sewing thread around focal beads to make these pendants. She used size 20 Mermaid Lagoon Twist to tat Floramente from the Happy Occhi book.

Wanda's grandson wanted a rainbow mouse and selected 184 Lizbeth Rainbow Splash size 20, which grandma cheerfully used to tat her Morgan Mouse pattern. The same thread paired up with colourful buttons made lots of Easter eggs. She added pin backs to some of them to make nice little gifts and has ideas to make flowers.