Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Doilies, Butterflies, Dog, Cat Doodles, Ice Drops, Crosses, Bookmarks, Heart, Snowflake and Easter eggs

Vera is on the 8th round of Renulek's Spring 2017 doily which is now 27 centimetres across. She's now into the row that seems to have caused other tatters some grief, but so far so good.

Marthanne has continues working on her two doilies. The #20 is 11.5 inches and the #40 is 10 inches across.

Melanie is working on Wiosna round 4 adding some clear round crystal type beads which she hasn't used previously because of their tiny hole. She's also been experimenting with photographing her lace, looking for the optimal background, settings and options to get the best picture.

Lelia enjoyed her visit with the Tollway Tatters and managed to empty some shuttles. Diane provided them with some origami bags she had made and suggested decorating them in tatting, but Lelia give away most of her tatting and didn't have a lot to work with. Her Mom has stockpiled the laces she received and Lelia used some of the piece to decorate her bag.

Diane had a wonderful time with the Tollway Tatters and managed to tat three Ice Drops while tatting and chatting. The origami bags she and Carol made have been decorated in tatted bits and scraps. Having the kids visiting hasn't left a lot of spare time but she did manage to add ribbons to the ones she finished. She finally finished round 8 of Renulek's Wiosna 2017 but round 9 is looking much more complicated. She's still working with the sample skein of Afternoon Garden by Marilee Rockley to make her Ice drops.

Fox missed a ring on row 9 of Renulek's doily and since it doesn't seem like it's affecting the lace and she can't face cutting it off and redoing this enormous row, she's decided to leave it as is. Row 10 seems to have worked out. She's decided to leave it as is and mail it off. She's already started another doily in purple for a friend and she's thrilled to be working in size 40 thread again.

Margaret two tatted Ice Drops and both are the same pattern called Spring Garden by Diane,  the top one is tatted in variegated yellow with a gold glass gem and the other is a blue thread with blue beads instead of the picots and a blue glass gem in the middle.

Marie had to leave her Workbasket magazines behind when she moved, but luckily found a couple at a local yard sale. The puppy is from Inga's "Tatted Animals". As is the Cat.

Muskaan started Mimi Dillman's Kite with Cluny tail intending to use it as a bookmark, but now she's wondering if she should use this as a charm and combine 4 motifs to create a larger diamond for the main body. She has had the Chinese Coin Bookmark by Jon Yusoff for years and is only now getting around to tatting it, which is just as well since she couldn't have done the things 4 years ago that she can do now. The Heart for Kay by Nina Libin called out to her just like Irene Woo's Heart of the Butterfly and she turned it into a bookmark by sewing on a ribbon. My Merry Christmas snowflake has a flower in the middle, but she decided this time to tat it in size 40 white which made it 2 inches across. Jon's original Chinese Coin Bookmark ends in a long tassel, but Muskaan wanted something different, so she played around with it coming up with a design that reflects the original design and adds the tail she was looking for. Check out her blog for pattern instructions.

Nikki tatted this pattern that comes from the book Tatted Easter Eggs by Kirsten Wind Hansen in Artiste #10 thread called Spring. She finished off 17 of these eggs in time for Easter.

Sue tatted another cross for another senior using Elaine P. Gan's My Portion Cross in size 40 Blue Ridge HDT from Tat-ilicious.

Wanda used the Tatted Bunny she designed and a scattering of flowers to decorate bookmarks for Easter. Just a few minutes of tatting and it made such an awesome bookmark for her mother and her sisters.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Lanyard, Doilies, Easter Egg, Ice Drops, Garland, Tablecloth, Crosses and Bunny

Usha is still playing with colour and style to make her lanyards. Sky blue Anchor thread size 20 is used for her 7th lanyard which features split rings tiny shiny white beads and big blue bead between. The next one uses Grey Anchor size 20 thread with golden bugle beads and black seed beads. Followed by a lanyard that uses the same design as her 6th one.

Vera has been working on Renulek's Spring 2017 doily rounds 6 and 7 and she's made great progress. These lovely Easter eggs show to great advantage how to turn edgings and motifs into delightful ornaments.

Cindy finally branched out to another variation of the Ice Drop and she doesn't know if this one has a name or not, but she likes it. The bright sunshine gave her a nice backdrop to photograph this selection of Ice Drops.

Diane found that lovely weather outside gave her a chance to open the windows, blow out the stale air and sit and tat, Ice Drops, of course. Sounds like a perfect day to me. Her glass gems have been sitting out in bowls looking pretty, and getting dusty, so she washed them all of and stored them in mason jars where they look just a pretty, but take less dusting, which of course gives more time for tatting. Red gems with white lace and different coloured ribbons make for gorgeous Ice Drops. This is her Blue Fudge pattern with a slight variation of chains on the final round  shortened from 9 to 7 stitches because she was afraid of running out of thread. She finished off a couple more Ice Drops in white just as her daughter and grandkids arrived so Sophie chose the blue ribbon to go with this one. This is one of Marilee Rockley's hand-dyed threads and those HDTs just can't be beat for the pizzazz they add to tatting.

Fox found Row 9 took lots of attention and lots of untatting (and I bet a few choice words), but is is ever pretty.

Marie was given some crocheted egg parts by her aunt a completed them by sewing them around plastic eggs and adding decorations to the middles. Tatted flowers, tatted bits with beads, tatted motifs and little doodles are some of the scrap pieces she put to good use.

Muskaan took her marigold braid, her mustard fields and her Jasmine braid and joined them together to make one intricate design.

Sue has tatted enough motifs to stretch the length of her table which makes it seem like it's so much closer to being done, except the to make it fit across the table and hang down a foot on each side means it's going to take a gazillion more motifs. Stay tuned for lots more progress. She also tatted 2 more rainbow crosses using the Big Cross pattern in size 10 thread from Tatting Patterns & Designs by Gun Blomqvist and Elwy Persson. The pink one is Resurrection Cross from Elaine P. Gan tatted in size 40 Lizbeth Pink Blossoms.

Wanda had brown Lizbeth #698 size 10 on shuttles already, so she used that with white Lizbeth #601 size to make the bunny. The head is a ring, the body are chains, and the tail is a Single Shuttle Split Ring. The one without the tail is her first one seen from the front with paws. She plans on using these on bookmarks or cards and she'll glue them so that the little  knot doesn't show.