Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Motives, Hippos and Hand Dyed Threads

Anne is working on a small doily but feels that she can't do any more large motives if she's going to finish on time. There was some rumor about designing a dragon… I just think we need to encourage her to go for it. Connie has managed to complete her 25 motives already, but she can't show the 25th one yet because it's an exchange item. She has done the tatted shuttle and the 9/11 heart from Mark's page. That's another beginner tatter who has finished the challenge. It seems to me that after tatting 25 motives you can't really call yourself a beginner any more can you?
Bob has some new entries on his blog. First there is an edging he was working on- until he ran out of thread- then a variation of the design that would make a lovely Celtic knot if he can figure out finger tatting. BJ sent him some King Tut quilting thread and it's so fine he doubled it to use it because guitar playing has made his nails so strong he breaks the thread a lot.
Aileen is at that happy/sad place where she has less time to tat but more money to spend on tatting treats like shuttles books and thread. Is she addicted to tatting? You bet!

Pamela had another go at the hippo and she's finally happy with the results. Here he is paddling in the water while another is swimming near by.
Mark made his own modification giving his hippo a toothy grin.Laura tatted Sherry's Valentine Gift tag using the thread colour "Patriotic" in size 80 and she was amazed at how well it tats and now she's really hooked on hand dyed threads. Melissa tatted this little square motif and when in started curving up she decided to use it on a CQ block. It looks like it was made for the spot. Sherry got a new headlamp so that she could go bike riding with her husband. When not out side it makes a great tool for illuminating dark, hard to see threads.Sherry's newest colour blend is "Tuscany". Just to show what it looks like tatted up here is a sample of "Sunset Clouds".

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