Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Bloat of hippos, Hearts and Butterflies

Riet has her TIAS done as well as translating Jane's blog into Dutch for the Dutch contingent. There has been wonderful participation in the TIAS challenge and Riet and a lot of other people want more
Bev aka BJ has finished her TIAS and she enjoyed the mystery and the challenge of tiny bite sized pieces of tatting.
Jeff completed the TIAS challenge and his hippos turned out OK except that her thinks the eye bead was too big and the ring around it looks kind of funny. It may not be the same as Jane's, but it looks good to me. The pattern for the doily is called the Amusement Doily by the Celtess and the thread is some of Marilee's "Winter Blend" in size 30. Very pretty.
Aileen has tatted Violet the happy hippo, and the Queen of Hearts for the the exchange but it's a little small for that so she's thinking of doing some of Mark's butterfly hearts to make up for it. She has tatted Jane's Flamingo and named her Fernanda. Does she need a whole flock of flamingos? Natalies Heart by Teri Dusenbury turned out a whole lot smaller than she thought it would but she has some ideas for here exchange card and her better half's Valentine's card. C4G was in the antique mall and found some vintage needlework magazines that have tatting in them.
Bonnie has only been tatting since November and one of her first projects was Mary Smith's Flower Paperclip pattern that she discovered on the net. She gave them all away and tatted these 2 in hand dyed thread just so that she had examples of them.
Laura is being Diane's left hand while she's still in the cast and tatted Jane's hippo for her.

Pamela made another of Jane's hippos and this one is in a dusty grey colour Coates Madura Red Heart 20 to show that the hippo has climbed out on the mud. She modified the pattern a little to give him a pointier ear and move the bulbous eye up a little closer to the ear. Second try is in Coates Anchor Perle in a variegated red to brown pictured with his own bloat.

The suncatcher design was made for Nell and of all of the projects I've designed since Christmas, this is the only one that has worked out right.

Marilee has 2 shades of pink in the shop and they're both luscious.

Laura received some hand dyed threads from Clyde that will be used for her rainbow Christmas tree and Sherry's Spring Poppy thread was used to tat the first butterfly from her book The Exquisite Collection of Tatted Butterflies.
Sherry's new colours are Fuchsia, Sunset Clouds and Tutti Fruiti.

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AnneB said...

Hi Sharon!
I just read your comment in my blog. Thanks for cheering me up!
I am not really worried about not completing in time; I just had to have a look at what I need to do to achieve it :-)
And I DO want to design my own dragon. The looks of it just keep avoiding me.