Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Earrings, Flowers, 3D shapes, Doily and Butterflies

Elizabeth admits she finally had to use a magnifying glass to see the fine black thread these earrings are made in. The thread is an Anchor thread labelled 80 but it seems more like 90-100. It seems to me that all of the Anchor threads are a touch finer than the DMC counterparts.The first pair is Rosemarie Peel's "Celtic Motif" and the second is based on a pattern called "beaded teardrop" by Betty Goetgeluck.
Sylvia tatted this little flower from an Ecru Hakelgarn no. 20 crochet thread sent to her by Jon in a thread exchange and it's a lovely thread to work with. Betsy Evans sent her Altin Basak thread in a variegated pink, white and blue along with a pattern called Small Tatted Heart that she designed in 1998.
Tami did Jane's Celtic Motif and she's still working on TIAS. C4G has made her shuttles and spent time browsing through one of the books from the antique pattern library. She's working on the "waist set" for a hurricane lamp and she has learned how to do split rings. Gina has 3 more motives done. The first one was done with a fine variegated thread that she thinks she must have dyed because it bled when she blocked it and a picot broke when she was hiding ends. The thread on the second one also broke, but the 3rd done in white remained intact. Ruth has tatted a Celtic Rosebud, Heart, and vines as a doodle for now. The cube and triangle are something she created with what she calls a "BDS or Balanced Double Stitch". Look, a new term for a new technique.
Clyde's doily has reached the size he wants without the last 7 rows and he thinks it will be 24 inches across if he does them. The doily is gorgeous as it is.

I haven't been able to access Mark's web site for several days, but I know he has posted some new patterns on his project page so make sure you take a look at them.

Marilee's sweetheart earrings are a sweetheart of a design. Simple and elegant.
Laura finally caught up with the TIAS challenge.

Marty has posted the visual pattern for another of her wonderful butterflies. The drawing looks perfect to me.
Melissa has added some embellishment to the tatted fan she made. Then she tatted a cross from Mark's site in size 80 thread for CQ friend. Sherry plans on being at the Shuttlebirds tatting convention and she's been busy dyeing threads to take with her so that she'll have a good selection of threads and shuttles for sale.

Wally's latest flower made with variegated Valdani thread and and cram Miquita. Wally plans on posting the pattern for it later and needs help with naming it.

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