Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bookmarks, Medallions and Celtic Knots

Sapna had no idea of all the different types of threads there were that could be used for tatting. The only thing she had ever seen was size 20 or 40 and whee she mentioned that on one of the tatting forums the tatters did what the usually do and sent off a car package of threads for her to try. Sapna is one happy tatter with all these new threads to try. She has discovered that she has 15 bookmarks done in a variety of colours as each time she tried out a pattern she decided she liked it and did it again in different colour combinations.
Moni has tatted a pretty medallion necklace in beige with glass beads and a collection of snowflakes. She's working on a medallion for a lavender bag but the first one was too large, the second one done in the same thread size was smaller but not as pretty. The third one done in a finer thread is much better.

C4G has been tying herself in Celtic knots and having trouble with doing a join for a pattern in Judith Connor's book Contemporary Tatting New Designs From an Old Art. Is there anyone who has this book can give her a better explanation of what is required?
Laura's darling Isaac had a rough first day at school where he fell on the carpet and banged his nose. Poor baby.

Melissa shares another SRE pattern. This one is for an oval design.

Kathy used Manuella size 20 for the December 1962 Workbasket pattern and Altin Basak Size 50 for the pink medallion. The design didn't want to co-operate and needs to be beaten into submission by a good blocking.

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Gina said...

LOL! Actually I was just at C4G's blog and told as well as I could in a comment box but she can email me privately too. For anyone else who might try the pattern, Judith didn't indicate how long the long picot should be but it should only be long enough for the 5 beads plus a little play room. Then the picot is joined into the hoop when the next stitch is made - which is just like a split chain stitch, the idea being to catch the picot in the loop, sort of like you do with a double or triple picot. For a newbie though, it can be daunting trying to understand the technique to wrap the curtain/cabone ring to begin with when it is couched in tatting terms.
:-) Gina