Monday, January 07, 2008

Bluebird, Edging, Doily, Teneriffe and Tatting

Wendy has been making lots of garlands for St Patrick's day, Valentines, Easter, Baby shower and more for the shop. The tatting is ruffly two inch wide edging which is one of her favourites and it brings her to about half way through the challenge.
Kate has been tagged to post 7 weird or random things about herself.

Mary has been working on some hand crafted cards. These cards are so beautiful they are works of art and I'm sure that anyone who receives one of these would treasure it. I don't mind throwing out bought cards, but one of these I'd just have to keep forever.

Shay's first motif is a bluebird tatted in vintage J. P. Coats #10 boil-fast cotton with a little glass bead added for the eye. It's not quite done as per the pattern but that's because Shay was imbibing while tatting.

Jeff has combined a Teneriffe Lace centre with tatting done in Anchor Pearl Cotton size 8 for an enchanting motif.

Diane has been tagged by Melissa for the You Make My Day Award.

Clyde is on the 8th row of his doily and it's now too big to scan. As with all doilies each round is taking longer and longer to complete, but it's stunningly beautiful.
I just heard from CBC TV that the episode of Living in Toronto that will feature tatting will be on Wednesday January 9th at 1:00 PM. For interested people who can't get CBC, you can view it on their web site. The tatted carnation is a design from my book Transitions in Tatting from Flat to Floral done in size 20 Opera.
Marilee has a new colour available. This one is called Peace in shades of a Peace rose.

Melissa has added some patterns for silk ribbon embroidery to her blog.

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