Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A New Year of Tatting

Eva has plans to join Jane's "Tat it and See." Jane has proposed a pattern given in small sections where you won't know what it is that you are tatting until you actually tat it. Sounds like fun.

Meme wishes everyone Happy New Year, especially those who have commented on her blog.

Eliz has finished the Cecelia doily. An earlier picture, shown here has 40 motives completed of the 48 planned. She received a new Lacis shuttle for Christmas along with four new books: Dianna Stevens' Animal Bookmarks, A Tatted Zoo; Karey Solomon's Tatting Turns Over a New Leaf; Inga Madsen's 12 Tatted Fairy-Tales; and Nancy Tracy's Tat's Where I Stopped. This yellow Oak Leaf was one of the designs from Karey Solomon's Tatting Turns Over a New Leaf. The other 3 are from Dianna Stevens' Animal Bookmarks. The snake and the cockerel were designed by Dianna Stevens and the cat was designed by Diana Howe. The last image is butterfly variation 4A from Teri Dusenbury's book, Tatting Butterflies.

Wendy is making some jackets to cover the bare arms of her girls. Who's the idiot who manufactures children's dresses in warm winter fabrics and designs them without sleeves? She has posted links to her photos on Flicker and posts her reflections on last year.
Anne has just started on a new shawl and the colours are a lighter shade of the "sunset light" posted in her previous entry.

Iris has designed and tatted two pretty beaded hearts.

I've just clued in to the fact that Kate's blog has entries written by both her and Lars. Lars has posted his own review of 3 movies seen recently.

Mary has just found out that her son and his wife are expecting in the fall of 2008. Congratulations!

Mrs John was tagged to post 7 weird or random facts. She has finished and blocked the tatted pieces she had completed before starting the challenge. Isn't it amazing how a little blocking can take a nice piece of lace and turn it into a WOW! piece. In an effort to prompt us to use our delicately edged lace handkerchiefs, Karey Solomon asked the question "If your nose runs, can your fingers fly?", so how many hankies can you make/edge/or otherwise decorate in 2008? Debbie, sniffing with a cold while tatting admits that she uses Kleenex rather than a hanky because she doesn't have one yet. She modified an edging pattern from the Priscilla Tatting Book which she downloaded from the Antique Pattern Library and modified it to make a wonderful heart shaped bookmark. Did I mention that Debbie hasn't been tatting for long? and she's already designing? Way to go Mrs John. Now she's working on doing some 2 colour work.
Arlene is still in a glow about her baby being engaged.

Mark had the opportunity to do some bobbinlace over the holidays. His current big project is making a scale model of the high school auditorium and stage so that the music director has a better idea of how things will look. Just to start the year off right he began with his morning exercises. I skipped mine in favour of shovelling a lot of snow.

Jon has started with her New Year's resolutions and they all sound good to me, especially the one about getting a book published. I love Jon's attitude. The crocheted tablecloth is looking great but still a long way from completion and she thinks one way of speeding up it's progress is to get a smaller table. Works for me.

I posted some information on tatting shuttles.

Snowy's Christmas present to herself is a pretty pair of Shuttle Shop shuttles. She has been using them to tat Sadie's heart from Teri Dusenbury's site, she's not sure about it and thinks she might do it again in a solid colour.

Laura tatted the Christmas tree from the Be-stitched newsletter and she used DMC Cebelia which is a bit soft to hold it's shape. Laura thinks it would look good with pearl beads added to the tips like snow on a branch. Laura is really excited to be able to do her own scans of her tatting. It's nice to have someone do it for you, but nothing beats being able to do it for yourself how you want, when you want and with the background you want. Isaac is in his second year of being spoiled by grandma. Laura wishes all of her tatty friends a Happy New Year.Charlene has posted her reflections on 2007.

Melissa shows us some sweet ornaments given and received in an exchange.

Sherry continues to work on the TAT program and tatted a very beady motif as part of the exercise. She has a new Shuttle of the Month for January which will probably be the last for a while due to her upcoming move. She has also dyed a new thread this one is called "Tie Dye Purple" and similar "Tie Dye Rust" is in the works.

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I am trying to do a leaf from karey solomon's book and am unsure how to do a lock chain stitch please help
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