Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Results are in, TIAS is a HIPPO

Sylvia has completed Harriet the Hippo from the TIAS challenge. Now it's time to do a darker version for Henry. Tami has finished her TIAS as well, but she thinks hers looks more like a weird bulldog. Mrs John has tatted this pink centred motif for her mother's bathroom. The design from Annie's Attic "Ultimate Book of Tatted Doilies" was square, but Mrs John has adapted it to be round. The butterfly is from from "Aunt Ellen's Tatting Handbook" and with the application of some small magnets will be a nice fridge magnet for her SIL.

Bonnie has succumbed to the lure of hand dyed threads and eagerly watches Marilee's and Sherry's blogs to see what new colour combinations they come up with.

Gina worked on the TIAS challenge but when she went to add the eye bead in the thread snarled, frayed and broke. She has 3 more motives completed but this book has so many mistakes in it she's glad she hasn't recommended it to a beginner.
Clyde tatted the Filigree bookmark from Christmas Angels and Other Tatting Patterns by Monica Hahn for his daughter using Oren Bayan Perle 12. Laura has completed the TIAS challenge and her pink hippo is now wearing a tutu. Did you know that hippos in the sun do actually turn pink? I didn't until I watched one of those educational shows on hippos. Marty left her TIAS at home and had to start another one in a different colour. She found the lock stitch chain interesting and she wonders how Jane came up with the idea and what else she's used it on. The main reason Sherry created the colour "Vickie"s Lilacs" was so that she could make another necklace. Sherry has tatted Jane's hippos in her coffee and cream thread and her free patterns have now successfully been converted to PDF.

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