Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hankies, Gingerbread House, Butterfly and a Tease

Sylvia's birthday present is a pair of silver shuttles…for her ears. Can hankies make a comeback? They can if we show them off and pique the interest of non tatters. Look at the sampling of beauties Sylvia has. Wendy post a link to a blog that shows how to crochet bottle tabs together to make a flower.

Anne has posted the link to her You Tube video on knitting. I still have a hard time wrapping my brain around the idea of months of twilight.

Tami was surprised by one of her friends who did a quilt for her. It's in her favourite colour - purple. Back problems and sickness have kept her from her normal routine so she used the time to work in crochet miniatures. Teddy bear and frog are crocheted in thread and they sit no more than 2 inches tall.

The weather outside if frightful. Shay missed her doctor's appointment due to flooded roads.

Jeff was tagged to post 7 weird/random facts.

Since tatting with a broken arm is quite difficult, Diane is reading her tatting books. She's even tried tatting with a flat shuttle and some variegated cotton knitting thread. Twelve minutes for one ring isn't bad for one handed tatting.

Pamela has been tagged for the Make My Day Award and today she posts some special beaded gifts given to her by a friend who lost her home to Katrina and had to recover her precious beads from the mud and disinfect them all before creating these treasures.

Carol's gingerbread house now has a partial roof. It does look like snow on the shingles doesn't it? Carol is so talented at these 3D designs.

The CBC show aired today and I was somewhat disappointed that they didn't give the address form my web site, choosing instead to give the blog address.
Laura is having fun with Tat it and See. After a lot of consideration she has decided to use her Rhubarb Crisp thread to tat the pattern for the friendship doily.

Melissa has posted some more SRE patterns for people to use and she's added colour to the patterns.

Sherry has posted another tease of the design she is working on. Some new thread colours are in process as well.

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