Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Earrings, Hankies and Valentine Hearts

Bev is working on lots of hearts for a Valentine's exchange and as decoration for a denim bag. Lots of little red hearts are being tatting as the bag needs 32 of them for the bag straps. Bev is working on the TIAS challenge and she thinks she knows what it is, but she's not telling.
Aileen is working on heart for an exchange but she doesn't want to show any pictures until it's complete. The thread broke on the TIAS piece she was working on and it's very distressing. Cheer up, it's also an opportunity to learn how to fix a break, un-tat a few rings and chains, add in some new thread. Lots of things you can try. Not knowing what it is, you have the consolation that it isn't a piece that you planned to give away or to use in a project and there was no deadline you were working toward. It could be sooo much worse.

Joyce received earrings that Valerie tatted for her in blue thread with silver beads that really sparkle. The hanky was made for the tatted hanky exchange using a variegated #12 perle cotton. The heart is Birgit Phelps Li’l Heart. The edging is a series of split rings and Joyce used 3 7/7 rings between joins to the hanky but says it would have to be adjusted to fit each handkerchief.
Arlene has another podcast ready which should be up tomorrow. Pictures of her heart exchanges have to wait until the partners receive them.

Clyde's doily has found a permanent position under a large piece of calcite. They appear to be made for each other their colours blend well and the textures are a perfect contrast.
This is my display hanky, not because it's particularly pretty or impressive, but for what you can't see.

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