Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Administration Post

In order to keep up with all the lovely laces being made, I keep a spreadsheet with people's names, blog addresses, and if I have them, email addresses. Different people work at different speeds and as we all know, stuff happens. Some people post a new motif every couple of weeks and others post a lot of motives at once and then they don't post again for a long while. I need to visit the sites to update the challenge page, and to keep things in order I use my spreadsheet.

Some people have gone long periods of time without any posts, or without any posts that have tatting content, so to start the new year off right, I'm doing another clean up and removing the people who haven't been tatting and blogging for 6 months or more from my spreadsheet and from the links list in the sidebar to the right. Those people that I have email addresses for I am writing to let them know that I am removing them and why. Those that I don't have email addresses for can read about why they've been removed here. Anyone who doesn't want to be removed, and plans to get back to tatting and blogging, can let me know and I'll add their names back in.

Just so that everybody knows what my criteria is for keeping people in the links list, it's very simple. They tat and blog. Some people joined the challenge and when they were finished with their 25 motives they quit blogging. Some people found it so much fun to tat and share what they were working on that they just kept on doing it for another 25, or 50 or 100 motives. Some people branched out into tatting other things but kept on blogging about what they were tatting. As long as there is tatting on the blogs I kept adding the information here and kept their link in the list on the side bar. That is why you see their names with the word 'done' in the list.

It is important that the people who have joined the challenge for the first time are displayed here because that is what this blog is all about, but at the same time we have begun to follow what different people are doing and it's nice to see how their work is progressing even if they have finished the challenge.

My current spreadsheet has about 60 people on it and that will decrease when I remove everyone who hasn't posted any tatting in the last 6 months. I have decided that if we have a lot more people join and it gets to be more that I have the time to handle, I will only actively update those who are doing the challenge for the first time. In other words, I may skip the people whose names have the word 'done' after them in the links list. That way, the people in the challenge for the first time will get showcased here and the people who have done it all before will get updated as I have the time. (They will get updated, but only as I have the time.)

So, if things get crazy you may see that the posts don't contain much info from the blogs of people who have already completed the challenge until I have the time to blog about them again.

Anyone who wants to can join the 25 Motif Challenge. Email me at sharon at gagechek dot com or leave a comment with your name and blog address on any of the posts.


Melissa said...

Have you tried Google Reader recently? I just switched to it from bloglines and I LOVE it, I figure this way I get updates from the ones who blog and I don't waste time looking for posts.
I really admire you doing all this work for us to enjoy each others work!
Thank you for all you do!

Tattycat said...

Whatever you have to do to keep it manageable is what you need to do. You have put a remarkable amount of work into this challenge and I appreciate it. It is a tribute to you and your work that is has grown so much, but I know is must be difficult.
Thanks again,

Marty said...

I agree -- this sounds like a reasonable idea to me. You've done an incredible amount of work on this challenge blog and I'm certain we all appreciate it!

snowy said...

I agree, Sharon. I never expected to continue to figure here once I had finished...but I am really happy that you have been able to include me!
It's a great way to encourage new tatters, and they must come first.
I, too really appreciate all you've done, and especially wish you the traditional Bonne Année, bonne Santé for both you and your husband.

wickedtats said...

I'd like to take part in the challenge if that's ok.