Sunday, January 06, 2008

Snowflakes, Icicles, Suncatchers and Flowers

Tami shares a picture of the bride and groom. The wedding is over but the memories remain.

Norma has been nominated for the "You make my day" award.

Mrs John has her second motif done. This is from the Priscilla Tatting Book No. 3 available from the Antique Pattern Library and was tatted using two colors of shaded #10 crochet thread. The pattern or a very similar one is also in the Dover publication Tatting with Anne Orr and it forms the toe of a baby bootie.
Shay has posted a recipe for chicken stock.

Joyce has posted the centre for a new quilt round robin.

Pamela tatted a remarkable wall hanging with tatted snowflakes on it for a secret Santa exchange. She receive a tatted icicle, some earrings done in one of Marilee's patterns and a bunch of other goodies from Mary. Jane Eborall sent her one of her suncatchers and a Christmas tree brooch and Janes' sister Sally sent a different kind of suncatcher and some sequins so that she can design one of her own. Gina has challenged everybody to think of three things they want to be a priority and focus on them. One of Pamela's priorities was to get her web site in order and she's working on it.

Melissa has been tagged for the You make my day award. She's working on a cream on cream CQ round robin and she's using some of the tatting that Marie sent her a while ago.
Wally was playing with some digital tatting an this Taina flower is the result. It's tatted in Miquita size 20.
Martha is back to blogging about her tatting with these 2 pieces. Mark Myer's Madonna and Jane Eborall's Snowflake #2.

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