Sunday, December 30, 2007

Jewellery, Doilies, Candles and Wedding Dress Hanky

Riet received several sock monkeys at the Palmetto Tat Days and she posts a picture of Nora being entertained by one.The candle holder has a tatted Christmas tree from a free December pattern and she can't remember the name on it.

Wendy posted a picture of her completed yo-yo advent calendar with all it's decorations and some pictures of ornament wreaths.

Anne posted a picture of sunset light seen in early afternoon.

Tami tatted an edging for a hanky to give to her daughter-in law and then created a wedding dress card to hold the hanky. How wonderfully creative!

Connie was tagged and shares 7 weird/or random facts. She has posted a slide show of pictures of the moon in December.

Sapna loves this Iris Niebach's designs especially this motif and we can all see why, it's simply gorgeous. How about this marvelous doily. Here's another doily, that's a gift for a friend and the design is from Jan Stawasz. What a luck friend to receive such a beautiful piece of lace.

Iris created an amazing double flower pendant and it took her seven tries to figure out how to do it all in one pass. I think hearing how terrific designers like Iris and Jane tat the same design over and over again to get it just right helps to dispel the myth the somehow designers just create new patterns as if by magic. It helps to encourage other people to take the plunge and try to make their own unique designs.
Mary tatted the Bella Nina bell design by Terry McGuffin using size 50 Altin Basak thread. The one shuttle bracelet design by Debbie Strickland from the online tatting class was tatted in size 20 black Omega thread. For the forthcoming 2008, Mary sends everyone an amazing New Year's card.

Arlene's son got engaged after 5 years and now she can give her daughter in law to be the hanky she tatted. Lucky girl she gets a wonderful fiance and a beautiful hanky.

Clyde is now on row 8 of the 17 row doily and he thinks it might end up being larger than he anticipated. He's also thinking about the possibility of designing and publishing a book of tatted doily patterns. That sounds like a great idea.
Laura tatted Snowflake Rose #3 in Marilee's hand dyed thread called "Rose." and DMC Cebelia for tatting the rings. It's a luscious snowflake and we can see why you'd want to keep your white tree with it's colourful snowflakes up all year.Charlene has been cross stitching some Santas.

Melissa has been working on a friendship block and she has incorporated some tatting along with the other embellishments.

Sherry is working on a potted plant design. It isn't quite what she wants yet, but she already knows where she wants to tweak it.

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