Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Snowflakes, Edgngs, Bonnets and Shamrocks

Fiyero has completed 3 more motifs; "Second Day of December" from Lene Bjørn's "24 snowflakes in tatting" tatted in Omega size 30, Jon Yusoff's "'Quantiesque' Snowflake"tatted using Lady Shuttlemaker's HDT "Helm's Deep" in size 20 and a breast cancer awareness ribbon in pink size 20 Cebelia which will soon be available in his Etsy shop with half of the proceeds to be donated to research.
NancyD has tatted a charming hanky edging which took 5 full shuttles and one whole week to tat. The pattern is from the Helping Hands Newsletter Winter 2009 tatted in Lizbeth size 20 thread and color # 111, Candy Candy.
Fox started her TAT exercise and has this little pile of threads to show for all her hard work. She took a break to tat something fun but the perfectionist in her made that impossible, so she started again. In the interest of something simple and fun she took a run at Sherry's treble clef.

IsDihara hasn't been able to get in touch with the Danish Tatting Guild to see about getting the pattern for the motif Liyarra posted. So while she was waiting to hear from them she enlarged the picture and tried to tat it from there. She didn't quite manage to get it right but tatting in Tatskool's ChocoRaspberry size 40 made her hungry for chocolate. She has finished the Beeton Edge in Bracken Crunch and she is stitching it onto a quilted ball ornament. And just for luck she has a couple more itty-bitty shamrocks from "The Tatted Artistry of Teiko Fujito.
Linda shares with us a CQ block embellished with tatting for the Palmetto's Scholarship program.
Ellen is participating in the One World One Heart event and for the giveaway she will be tatting the name of the winner and mounting it on a ribbon and inserting it inside a sleeve. Check her blog for full details. Heather had a busy day yesterday but she still managed to get some tatting done.
Nita is doing the challenge again for the third time. She's been away from tatting for a while due to some surgery, but she's back at it again and her first challenge entry is a doily by Eileen Stafford. She had already done the doily in dark purple and pink. This time she did it in Lizbeth size 20 purple and lavender.

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