Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hearts, Art Deco, Bookmarks, Coaster and Doily

Agasunset was asked to make an art deco necklace in black and the client liked it so much she bought the earrings and bracelet as well. And here's the set done again in white.NancyD tatted Spring 'Rose Cross' Bookmark in Lizbeth size 20 in Rose #124 Spring Garden bordered by Light and Dark Raspberry 623 and 624.

Cindy tatted the 'Hearts' bookmark by Dee Powell from the book Tatted Bookmarks from Handy Hands in Gram's Variegated, Cebelia size 30 HDT.
Sunshinecraft struggled with Mimi Dillman's tatted coaster in DMC Cebelia 20 in strips and blocks but noticed a mistake in the finished motif and had to re-do it.
Fox found Mary Konior's cross a joy to tat worked in Lizbeth #20. My Simple Heart seems to have taken an imaginative turn in Fox's hands. I keep telling people designing isn't hard, it's mostly just working an existing pattern in a different direction.

Pam re-tatted the segment of Jane's pattern in DMC Perle 12 color 931 with light blue purple lined fringe beads, planning to make six repeats for an open snowflake but she thinks the beads are too heavy for it. The beads may be too heavy on this thread as a snowflake, but it works as an earring so now she has to decide whether to start over with smaller beads or cut the thread and make 2.
Wanda recycled a cast off edging in red and green, attaching it to a heart shaped pin. She added a broken shuttle and a small heart charm to make a distinctive name tag that she uses when doing demonstrations. Aileen tatted Dream earrings in red size 40 Milford thread, an auspicious colour for the Chinese New Year. She has added her lip balm holder to her Etsy store. Check Aileen's blog for the winners of her giveaway.
Diane finished Round 4 and things weren't looking quite right and she's found the mistake but she's not going back to fix it. She doesn't think she has enough thread for the centerpiece but she probably has enough for the placemat which is only 7 rounds.

Ellen has another colleague leaving so she tatted Wei Sun's name as a gift, and she also did Isabel's name on a paperclip. Check Ellen's blog for the winners of her giveaway.
Heather has finally had success with the design she was working on.
Kathy shows an assortment of hearts. Lyn Mortons “Hearts and Flowers” are tatted in DMC perle cotton, size 8, #498. The Gold Heart is displayed in a Paper Weight. The designer is Kim Goetz from Victorian Hearts & Flowers magazine done in size 12 DMC perle cotton. “Strawberries” from the Workbasket magazine designed by Cindy Polfer and made into pins she wears on her costumes was tatted in perle cotton, size 8, one in coral and one in burgundy.‘Large Heart’ designed by Kim Goetz from Victorian Hearts and Flowers magazine. Possibly tatted in size 30 thread. The ‘Quilt Show’ Heart was tatted in size 50 thread.
Martha received a heart from Marty that she designed herself and tatted with some HDT done by her sister.

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