Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bookmarks, Hearts, Doily, Pendant, and Motifs

Agasunset shows us how she used some vintage patterns and modified them to make new creations. The end of an oval doily became the basis for a beaded necklace and a curtain pull became a pendant. IsDihara has modified Lyn Morton's Margaret motif from "Tatting Patterns" into a nine-sided motif worked in Tatskool's ChocoRaspberry HDT and so far it's working. Kelly has tatted this doily called "Saturn Ring" in size 20 Royal thread and it measures about 10.5".
Sherry is giving us a sneak peek without any hints. By the way you might want to check her blog for the new giveaway rules.
Shirley has been tatting without blogging so we get to see all the eye candy at once. The butterfly bookmark by Jane Eborall done in Lizbeth size 20, color #119. The four-ring snowflake by Wendy Durell used red thread Clark's O.N.T. size 30, color #126 with white Cebelia DMC. The same threads were used for the bookmark from "Tat Marks the Spot" by Karey Solomon called Circle of Friends. The hearts are from "Tat's Amore" by Martha Ess. The white heart is Antique Rose Heart and is done with Cebelia DMC size 30. The pink one is "Scallop Shell Heart" and uses Cebelia DMC size 30 in color #818.

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Fox said...

Well, that was fun! Please sign me up for another #25 Motif Challenge!
Fox : )