Friday, February 12, 2010

Bookmarks, Necklaces, Hearts, Crosses and Earrings,

Just to let everyone know I am planning to start an new designing course in March. Full information is on the Design-Tat blog
Agasunset was inspired by snow to work with white thread and pearls to create both of these utterly charming necklaces. Pam used pieces of a sample pattern found in the book “The Complete Guide to Beading Techniques” by Jane Davis to learn beaded tatting. The thread is DMC No. 12 Perle Cotton, color 712 and size 11 seed beads. Her next trial didn't use a pattern, just freestyle tatting in DMC No. 12 Perle Cotton color 225 and size 11 seed beads. The next one one would make a nice pendant worked in DMC No. 12 Perle Cotton color 225 and size 11 seed beads. The center round of a 2004 Snowflake by Jane Eborall made in DMC No. 10 Cebelia color 797. another piece of the Jane Eborall snow flake. Another section of the snowflake in the same colour is suggestive of lots of things like a lobster or a candlestick.
Linda shows us more hearts. The first heart is a new 2010 pattern called Enchanter from Jon Yusoff tatted in size 20 Lizbeth Angel's Love Thread. The second heart is from the Valentine Exchange from Jeannette Moore from Cato, New York. Ancolie has finished a new motif for the challenge and now she is working on tatting a baby's bonnet.
Alan tatted the Tri Heart pattern by Susan Taliaferro and Marilee's "Keyed Up" pattern for earrings in silver and pearls. The heart was tatted in size 20 thread first and then in silver and they are almost identical in size.
Diane has tatted another cross for Eva, but she came dangerously close to not having enough HDT to finish it. Now she's in the mood for something a little bigger and she has started on another Mary Konior design.

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Konior's designs are wonderful and they look lovely in variegated pink. Everyones work looks lovely.
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