Thursday, February 04, 2010

Hearts, Edgings and TIAS

The question was asked and I repeated it on the tatting lists, what to do with finished motifs. Here are some of the answers:
Scatter them around decoratively on shelves and tables as "mini-doilies".
Put them on cards.
Add a thread hanger to make ornaments or sun catchers.
Join several motifs in a straight row for a bookmark.
Put them on fridge magnets (stitch to a scrap of fabric, glue the fabric on cardboard, glue a magnet to the back of the cardboard).
Attach them to bags.
Give them away.
Use them in mixed media projects.
Combine them into larger tatting projects like dresser scarves or table mats.
Use them as insertions for sheer curtains or hand towels or pillowcases or other linens.
Create a sampler board to display them.
Use smaller pieces in scrapbooking.
Attach small motifs to card stock to make bookmarks.
Sew them to the collars of shirts
Use in crazy quilts or swap with someone who does.
Decorate a stuffed animal with them.
Create scenes and mount in frames or applique to clothing.
Place larger motifs inside acrylic coasters and smaller ones inside acrylic key chains.
Decorate a barrette.
Add some glitz like, feathers, netting, beads or other notions and attach a broach pin to the back.
Make a tissue cover for purse size tissues, or go for a larger tissue box cover.
Iris Niebach suggested that they are ideal for decorating little boxes covered with fabric. Inga Madsen of Denmark taught her how to make such a box and together they will be creating a book so that we can all create decorated boxes.
Just some suggestions for what you can do with the motifs you create.

Isabel has been working with the Spanish group translating the PRISCILLA book. Different people are working on different selections in the book and this is one of the patterns Isabel has been working on. Some of the lovely intricate designs are created with long sections of bare thread which are then worked over in a variety of decorative stitches. In this design the edging is done in mirror strips and the bare threads are covered with needle weaving which creates a solid bar through the middle of the pattern. Bev's flamboyant rooster, the result of Jane's TIAS is perched on top of a cliff crowing for all he's worth. Bev has also pointed out that there are a lot of rooster mug shots that haven't yet made it to Jane's blog for show and tell.
Heather has been doing test samples with her new HDT colours. Rainbow Candy Cane and Wine and Roses.
Marty finished her TIAS but she's wondering if she might be in trouble for showing a naked rooster. Not knowing what she was making, she chose pink for the body and now she's blushing.

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Tattips said...

Marty's rooster looks quite smart, Heather's new HDT colors are very pretty.