Friday, February 19, 2010

Motifs, Hearts,Butterflies and Baby Bonnet

Tattips made Mary Konior's Patchwork motif in Lizbeth Sherbet Delight, size 20. Her next piece is her version of a motif she saw on the internet. The design is from the Design-Tat class and was created by Pat Tinney. Tattips worked it in Lizbeth Tutti Fruti and Hakelgarn white size 20.

The new Design-Tat class will start the first week of March. Email me if you are interested in joining.
Agasunset has posted the same motif tatted both by shuttle and by needle and it shows that the end results are the same no matter how they are made. Unfortunately she has been verbally assaulted by someone who is ignorant enough to consider needle tatting inferior. I thought we had outgrown that attitude, but apparently someone didn't get the memo. Needle or shuttle, it doesn't make any difference, we all make lace and enjoy what we make. Liyarra tatted the Catherine Wheel Split Ring Motif designed by Julie Patterson from the Australian Tatters Guild newsletter and created in Altin Basak green 50.
NancyD attended the Tuesday tatting group and their guest instructor was Gina Butler who taught a class on SSSR the single shuttle split ring. They worked on a pattern by Gina called "Heart Strings"

Steph injured her already ailing right elbow and hasn't been able to tat for weeks. After a pain free week she was finally able to tackle one of the lovely flutterbys from Sherry's new book. This little treasure is called "Lilly" and was tatted in Marilee's "Vibrato" in size 80. Gorgeous pattern, gorgeous thread. Isn't it just precious? Fox is getting to the outer edges of the bonnet where there's a lot of tatting without a lot of apparent growth and she's beginning to wonder if the finished piece is going to look like a jam jar cover on the baby. I think the baby will look super cute in it.

M has tatted "Heart's Desire" by Susan K Fuller in Lizbeth 20, col 140, Country Grape Swirl. The colour is a lot like Purple Splendor but she likes Purple Splendor better.
Marty bought a bunch of Christmas ornaments with the intention of tatting 25 ball covers. So far she has done - 1 - this one which is an adaptation of Iris Niebach's "Beatrice" from "Tatted Doilies". Tatted in a very dark green Häkelgarn, size 20.
Sherry finally shows us what she has been working on. It's a special butterfly called "Hope" tatted in cotton and silk. She is working on the pattern to share with us later.
Shirl has just completed Gertie, a porcelain doll encased in her tatted lace shrine.

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