Thursday, February 18, 2010

Earrings, Bracelets, and Sneak Peeks

Agasunset started with a bracelet and made earrings to match, but they needed something to weight them down so that the dangled and Jet black Swarowski's crystals was a perfect choice. More crystals adorned the choker giving her a complete set. Two designs laying on top of one another inspired this lovely slave bracelet.

Heather didn't get much tatting done except for this design, the same as the earlier pattern, but in black.
Sherry is showing another sneak peek.


Fox said...

Hi Sharon,
I see I am not on the list of participants. Do I get added with my first piece? Or have I fallen through the picots?
Fox : )

Sharon said...

Hi Fox,
That's because you have graduated further down the list into the category of those who have already done their first 25. So now you are in alphabetical order under those who have "-done -1". When folks start I add them to the top of the list so that they can find themselves easily. At one point there were so many people doing so much tatting that I thought I might have to limit the updates to just the people doing it for the first time, so I separated out those doing it again. Some people just keep coming back again and again. It's addictive :-)

Fox said...

Thanks, for the explanation Sharon! Figured it might be that.

Addictive it is! I had such fun doing this with the #25 in mind. Very inspiring!
Fox : )