Monday, December 02, 2013

Lots of Snowflakes and an Edging

The Guidelines
1. Permission to copy. When a participant joins they are authorizing us to copy their pictures to be shown on the challenge blog.
2. There is no need to advise the Challenge Team to let let us know when you've added things to your blog. We check all of the blogs when we do an update.
3. We can't keep track of how many motifs each person does. You may post articles of tatting that you don't plan on including in your 25, or you may post a pair of earrings and count each earring as a separate motif. We don't read minds, so it's up to each participant to tell us when they have reached their goal of 25.
4. We know from past experience that the challenge is addictive. If you finish and plan on doing it again let us know so that we continue to check your blog on a regular basis.
5. Whenever you get a chance don't just view the pictures here, take the time to click on the links to people's blogs and read all about what they are doing, instead of just getting the snippets of it here. People like it when you take the time to visit their blog and comment on their work. A lot of the fun of the challenge is that we get to know each other and encourage one another to try new things.
6. Tatting 25 motifs in a year typically means tatting 2 motifs per month. Tatters who do not post any tatting content for 5 or 6 months will be removed from the list of participants.

Diane and Margaret are attempting a snowflake-a-day until Christmas. This is Diane's Doodad Snowflake #1 in size 20 Lizbeth, Snow White.

Note: For anyone looking for some simple snowflake patterns, I've begun posting some patterns on my blog. Enjoy!

Fox is having great success with the Sulky thread she got for making this edging. The colour is a perfect compliment to the hanky and the thread is a delight to work with.

Margaret's snowflake-a-day until Christmas begins with one of Diane's snowflake designs done in Lizbeth thread size 20 in white. Her second snowflake is from the 24 Snowflakes in Tatting book by Lene Bjorn, and is called The second day of December, which she tatted in Lizbeth size 20 Ice Blue.

Marie received an exchange package with a lovely Jan Stawasz design done in size 20 DMC White and Silver, and Lizbeth size 20 Latte Foam in the center, along with some wound shuttles. She immediately used the shuttles loaded with Lizbeth, size 80, White and Cotton Candy to tat Motif #1, a pattern from DCM Tatting for Today. This collection of snowflakes are the designs she sent to the Sandy Hooke Elementary School.

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