Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Seahorse Dragon, Edgings and Motifs

Shannon tatted Anne's Seahorse dragon with size 10 Lizbeth thread and will probably frame this when the time allows.

Fox found creating a suitable corner for this edging quite a challenge, but she finally settled on using 8 tiny Miyuki Rocailles and that seems to do the job without interrupting the flow of the design. The motif she started as a break from the edging seems to have had an accident and is being re-tatted.

Gina is continuing to tat the vintage edgings but she keeps seeing them paired up with a crocheted header, yet the instructions never give information on the hook or thread size to use, so she wasn't really enthusiastic about this one. Then she found a completed section in a bag of stuff that she had acquired that has the design completed with the header. Now she's wondering how it would be attached. Is it stitched right up next to the tatting or is the outermost crocheted chain caught by sewing thread to lay against the fabric?

Mary was asked to tat a custom order of Huntington's awareness ribbons and had them done and sent off before she was even able to take a picture, so all she had left to film was this sample one she did, not in the right colour.

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