Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Motifs, Bookmark and Edgings

Ann borrowed "Let's Tat" from Fox and tatted this pattern from the book. With all the colours she used there were a lot of ends and though the piece has been done for months, it's taken all this time just to hide the ends.

Bree has tatted a lovely bookmark by Dianna Stevens in Lizbeth size 20 Vineyard and a complimentary color whose name she has forgotten. She's working this edging in size 20 Lizbeth Spring Green which is a compilation of several versions of the same edging using her own stitch count.

Fox saw an edging on Bree's blog and had to try it out. Then she realized that the green beads and a gorgeous thread she has in Lizbeth size 40 were just made for one another. So Mini-Boss is getting some more pretty socks.

Gina has tatted Plate 2, figure 9 from the D.M.C. Tatting by Therese de Dillmont which she thought was going to be more complicated than it was. The scallops that it starts with are just partly closed rings and the second row is just chains with rings thrown off. As usual Gina has shown a close up with stitch count on her blog. The whole thing is finished off with a crocheted header. Her first thought when she tatted it was that it looked like a crown so she tatted a crown for Barbie with 2 strands of DMC copper metallic floss.

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