Monday, June 06, 2011

Motifs, Flowers, Galloons and Doily

Tattabugg hasn't been doing much lately, but she did tat this motif from the book The DMC Book Of Charted Tatting Designs.

Each month the Spanish group does a new technique like encapsulation or hanging cluny and Isabel shows her efforts in a floral bouquet.

Gina has worked out her next vintage galloon doing it first in DMC Cordonnet Special size 20 white and then in Lizbeth size 20, which made the design stand out better. Her next try was with Perfect Quilter thread which is similar to a size 60, but she substituted the Josephine knots with puff stitch. The puff stitch didn't really stand out so she did it again in size 20 Aida. Then she wondered what it would look like if you replaced the Josephine knots with clunies, and Fox helped out by tatting up a sample. The pattern, like a lot of vintage instructions assumes that you know where to reverse work. In case you don't, Gina has posted a picture to follow.

Katherinne did a lot of tatting while visiting family and as the lace was admired, it's going to be blocked and sent back for granny to enjoy.

Marty is nearly back to the point on the doily where she had to cut the entire row off. Just 7 more repeats to complete this row.

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