Saturday, June 18, 2011

Motifs, Doily, Earrings, Cat, Bookmarks, Edging and a Wreath of Hearts

Anika has been trapped at her aunt's house for longer than anticipated without tatting supplies so she made do with her box of jewelry findings and some thread she had dyed. The results are a lot of rings encased in tatting in lots of interesting shapes and a small motif.

Ninetta tatted this doily in DMC 80 thread in red and black using 2 shuttles without cutting to climb out of rows and made it into a necklace. It is a classic pattern, that combines tatting and crochet that she thought would lead to heavy lace, suitable only for pillow or bed cover but she has changed her mind.

Bev aka BJ celebrated her 75th birthday and Jane sent her these lovely blue earrings and a Small Cat she designed in honor of her namesake, Pippa. Bev, meanwhile managed to tat her June bookmark for the Tatting Forum in honor of the College baseball season with a design by Nancy Tracey from Tat’s Where I Stopped and I using TatsKool’s Choc Sauce, DMC white, and Flora, red threads.

Brigitte found this bookmark that looks like a variation of an antique edging pattern called "Basket Edge" easy to tat. She used Altin Basak 50 variegated on the shuttle and shaded green for the chains.

Diane has been inspired to start an oval doily and has begun work on Graciella from Tatted Doilies by Iris Niebach using DMC 8 and so far it's working out.

Fox copied Miranda's placement and size of beads on Jon's motif although the variegated thread didn't define the cross shape in the middle as well as the solid colour does. She considered another edging for the hanky and markers do help her with it, but in the end this one was discarded too. She thinks she has finally settled on a pattern from Cathy Bryant's Tatting with gold Delica beads. Her car has a new ornament. Does it look familiar? To help her cope with so much work in fine thread she had to take a break and work with something like size 8 DMC Perle cotton for Birgit Phelps' Kira's Star.

Orsi has finished the tatted wreath and she is very interested in exchanging it for a tambour hook. Does anyone have a tambour hook? She'd really like to make an exchange.

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