Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Collar, Edgings, Bracelet, Earrings, Bookmark and a Dragon

Anika has stitched the lace onto her collar individually to allow more flexibility and she shows us how it is intended to be worn. Only now that it's completed she remembers that she can't go sleeveless because she ends up with a sun rash. She has also dyed some more threads in an interesting array of colours.
Julie tried Mary Konior's Babylace but didn't like it for this hanky, so she's doing this edging instead in size 30 Clark's vintage red thread.

Marta has created a matching bracelet and earring set in lovely warm coffee and cream colours.
Linda used a little CQ, a little tatting and a lot of ingenuity to create a cell phone pocket for her sister's birthday so that she'll never be without a place to put the cell phone even when her garments don't have pockets.
Fox found that she was able to tat the second sock edging faster with more precision due to the tattooed dots on her finger. After the edging she was ready for a fun tat, so she paired up some of the sample thread, #20 Flora that she received from RandaGray, with some pretty, rather large multi-coloured beads that came from Miranda for a lovely cheerful looking motif.
Isa created a pair of lovely earrings in size 20 thread with a mother of pearl centre that she has aptly named "Summer".
Mary saw some tatted earrings quite a while ago and couldn't remember where she saw them, so she pulled out some thread and some dangly beads and made these. She used Lizbeth thread and the beads have both pink and a slight touch of green in them that go with the colors on the threads.
Orsi is working on her edging...lots and lots of edging.
Wanda had lots of suggestions but finally settled on Heart's Honor and she's still tweaking the pattern a bit. Ryan, a Flying Minor Norwegian Dragon has finally found the perfect home and the addition of the copper coloured flames is just the right accent.

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