Thursday, June 02, 2011

Doily, Edgings, Stork, Heart, Snowflakes, Motifs and an Anklet

Kristen is working on a celtic style woven doily that begins with a couple of triangle motifs inserted through a round motif and followed by an outer connecting round and then the process starts again. Kristen has thoughtfully taken pictures of each step that you can see on her blog, but this is how it looks so far, both front and back.

IsDihara is finding that her tatting needs to be fitted in between other tasks with a ring done here and a chain there, which explains why Orsi's Nelson edging started in March has finally been completed and added to a pair of socks. Is it weird that seeing these, I want to put edgings on my socks?

Diane received this lovely hanky from Anika and wants to use the "Cottage Border" from A Pattern Book of Tatting by Mary Konior that she had tried for another hanky. The thread is Fincrochet No. 30 and she hopes she has enough to finish it.

Kat has a surprise anticipated in December

Liyarra had a long break from tatting but she finally finished her 25 motifs with Single heart from Rainbow Heart bookmark by Betsy Evans done in variegated pastel rayon thread. The 4 Ring Snowflake designed by Wendy Durell was done in Lizbeth size 20. The Motif from Festive Tatting copied the way Fox added the beads. The Mark Meyers inter woven pattern in Mauve and white Cebelia. Miranda's Angels in the Snow tatted in Bre-Aly thread size 30. This design by Judith Connors from the Queensland Tatters newsletter was done in Lizbeth 40. A motif from Festive Tatting and Ornaments for Needle and Shuttle Tatters by Barb Foster tatted in Bre-Aly HDT "Dream" size 30. An finally a Heart fob from the Queensland Tatters in Lizbeth size 40 dark purple. Now she thinks she'll do another 25 but this time she plans on tatting bookmarks.

Orsi's new work is laced henna foot jewel. It does look like an intricate henna design.

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