Thursday, June 30, 2011

Motifs, Flower, Snowflakes, Candle, Doily, Butterfly, and Bookmark

Anika started using pink thread and a metallic thread together, but misjudged how much thread she'd need since it worked out more like a size 10, so she didn't get it finished but likes the look of the threads together.

Axa tatted the rose designed by Jeanne Lugert in purple for her mother who loves both roses and the colour purple.

Magda shows us some of the pictures from her display at the fair. That's a lot of tatting.

Sunshinecraft tatted the last 3 snowflakes in Jon's Tatted Snowflake Collection, Milky Way, Carousel and The Twirly tatted in DMC Cebelia 30.

Linda tatted candles made with #20 Lizbeth threads using the pattern from the book Mini Tats by Patti Duff.

Cindy has Mary Konior's Flowerpiece from Tatting With Visual Patterns finally done in Ecru and Mountain Breeze Lizbeth size 20.

Fox did the motif again in yellow DMC 80 and she can already see an improvement in her stitches. It always takes a bit of tatting to get the tension right when you switch from thick thread to thin. The fine threads can easily break if you're heavy handed with them.

Gina received some newsletters from the 1080's and in the back of one of them was a butterfly by Marilee Rockley that she just had to tat. She did it in Lizbeth size 40 but she's not sure of the colourway and somehow she got the wings upside down.

Wanda was tatting in public and got to share information with 2 very interested ladies and show them her recently finished Heart's Honor bookmark.

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