Sunday, June 05, 2011

Edgings, Motifs, Cherries and Bookmarks

Anika has decided to change her blue collar and tatting to purple and she likes the way the collar and lace match but aren't identical. She has dyed a batch of HDT and tatted a sample motif from it. She's wondering what makes a motif for the challenge. A motif is, by definition, "a distinctive feature or dominant idea in an artistic composition, or an ornament sewn separately on a garment..." For the challenge it can be any separate piece of tatting. So a participant might count a tablecloth as one motif, or they might consider each square, hexagon or octagon that when into making it as a separate motif. It's left up to the participant.

Garyo made this birthday card for one of her friends using an edging pattern from Tatting Lace for Beginners tatted with Daruma's Murasakino Lace thread.

Ninetta has worked several bookmarks in DMC size 80 thread, using simple patterns of her own design and even managed to incorporate butterflies with puncetto-tatting in the corners. She thinks these might give her a head start on some Christmas gifts.
NancyD tatted the cherries in size 20 from Nancy Tracy at

Bonnie was in 2 different bookmark exchanges and wanted to work on Rachael Mohler's Flower Bookmark, so she went to her HDT collection and picked out a very mild green and equally mild blue in size 30 HDT, dyed by Crochet4u2Dye4, which worked up beautifully together.

Brigitte decided to do another 25 motif challenge since she had so much fun both times. She used Lizbeth Size 20 thread called Carousel for this bookmark and did front side/back side tatting.The pattern is a rewrite of a pattern from an Anna Burda magazine.
Diane was supposed to be tatting "Maria" from Tatted Bookmarks - cross-shaped by Lene Bjorn, but she made a mistake shortly after starting and adapted the pattern rather than undoing it.The thread is size 40 Lizbeth #117, Country Side.

Fox has decided on the variegated Vivaldi thread for her hanky which left the red available for a sock edging which she is doing with tiny green beads. She is still working on the cluny edging that Gina challenged her to try and its coming along very well. She has one of the little sock edgings done and has a secret for her improved picots.

Martha has found that in some instances changing pattern notation makes for a clearer understanding of the pattern.
Orsi has been listening to Rod Stewart on the radio while she tats her new edging. Her son's school put on a play and Orsi designed some of the costumes and decorated them with tatting. The mother has tatted lace on her dress, the friend had tatting on his jacket, the soldier had tatting on his uniform, the uncle had tatted lace on his shirt.

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Anika said...

Thank you! The post that had the disclaimer had me wondering, since I hadn't been keeping track. I think I'll count the entire piece as one, since the feeling of success only comes when the entire thing is complete!