Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Scrunchie, Edging, Flowers, Hankies and Bookmarks

BSOTF tatted this rolling pin motif using lavender thread. The others are vintage JP Coats with white for the chain. Motif 12 for the 25 Motif Challenge is vintage JP Coats green thread, 13 is vintage JP Coats red and 14 is Lizbeth Mountain Breeze.
Sue is continuing to coach Bethany who is working on a length of ring and chain edging. Her scrunchie is finished and being put to use and the edging she was working on to border the shirt collar is almost half done.
Agasunset made a black flower ring with red beads. then another flower shape that is just 2 triangles on top of one another embellished with a rose charm on top and the last one was a rose with a spike shaped bead in the centre.

Wanda found her glasses case a good portable case for her shuttles and size 14 hook. It holds everyuthing and the hook can't puncture the case. Her project started as a doodle and it's continuing to grow.
Kelly has been finding it too hot to tat, especially when working with white, but before the heat hit she did the edgings on these hankies for the bridal shop.

Shirl has more bookmarks tatted. These were both done with Lizbeth thread size 20; Country Turquoise Med and Wedgewood DK.

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