Monday, July 12, 2010

Motifs, Necklaces, Earrings, Bookmarks, and Cup

Stephanie Grace saw this edging and though 3 repeats would look good as a pendant, except for that little mistake. It's done in LizBeth Black and Red Burst and she thinks it's size 20.

Tats hasn't been on the computer for a while because she's been madly tatting away. This little motif is the Square Tatted Doily #2 from free tatting patterns and is done in Lizbeth size 20 Confetti. LaCossette made the shuttle and LadyShuttleMaker the HDT silk thread that were used to make this little motif which is going on her tatting box. The Flower Bookmark from Tatted Crosses and Bookmarks done in Lizbeth size 20. This is a needle tatted cup made in size 10 white with blue trim. A little motif tatted in size 8 pearl cotton in baby blue is the first round of Snowflake #9 in Barb Foster's Tatted Snowflakes book. There will be a lot more of these done to decorate her tree this year. The final little ornament was needle tatted with Lizbeths size 20 in Springtime(?).
BSOTF has tatted this red edging in Aunt Lydia's red. This Field of flowers is motif #18 done in Lizbeth Tropical Punch and she loves tatting done in Aunt Lydia's red & black. The Flower edging tatting would make a cute bookmark. Lots of butterflies make motif #21. The circle ring tatting are done in Aunt Lydia's pastel variegated thread & black. The 3 corners motif is #23 and 2 tiny snow flakes make motif #24. Finally we have a bow done in Aunt Lydia's red and a South Maid purple edging on the inside of wickered wreath. That was a fast 25.

Marta was inspired by the film Queen Margot to create these earrings done in black with indigo beads.
Nami made these earrings that look like trees one has blue apatite and the other red garnet and labradorite. Sue loves how this ornament turned out. It has one small mistake that she can hang a charm from and make it loo like it was planned.

Agasunset has created some one of a kind designs using materials that she can't replace. The first was done with cut shell, but the edging stretched too much so she added another stabilizing row. Then she had to figure out how to add a chain that wasn't an ordinary spiral or zigzag chain. She saw a perle tatted chain and decided it was perfect. She made another one in summer colors with turquoise stones and finished it up with turquoise suede cut into strips and woven together.

Ann has Patchwork by Mary Konior from Tatting With Visual Patterns finished after a rocky start.

Anne says the need for a tatting bag made her finish this piece that she has been working on since February. It is made after an old original.
Diane has been too busy to blog and among the things she has to show for her time away is a nearly complete hanky edging and a nearly completed spinning wheel glass mat. After being away on jury duty she came back to find a Thank you card from Mike in her mailbox which contained this lovely delicate snowflake.
Fox isn't happy with her tatting and she thinks it isn't as good as others she has seen, but one thing that made her happy was finding these beads which are a perfect match for the Bre-Aly thread.

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