Monday, July 26, 2010

Earrings, Necklaces, Edgings, Bracelets, Motifs and Awesome Tatting

Meme is one of our earlier participants in the 25 Motif Challenge and she recently sent me some pictures of some tatting she did. The back of the bridal gown is tatted and the earrings are tatted in white and silver thread making an utterly luscious bride. Check out her blog to see it in all it's glory.

Tats shows us what KrystleDawne's "Mad Science Blue and Green" HDT looks like tatted up. After spending some time shuttle tatting, she had to break out her needles again to make sure she remembered how to use them. The cross is tatted in size 10 thread in seafoam green.

BSOTF shares her container of practice pieces with the comment that they sometimes answer questions for you. That's what I tell the designing class too. Every piece of lace you tat teaches you something, even if it's just a practice piece or a cast off bit.

Nami tatted a lovely wide bracelet called The Snow Queen in white metallic thread. She has also done another of the same motif and shares the pattern for it.

Corina tatted Jane Eborall's Winsome Drop Earrings.

Agasunset has finished the design on the necklace for the bridal party. Now she just needs to tweak it a little adding some crystals and closures.

Wendy shows us the progression in these three doilies as she makes adjustments to the design.

Isabel participated in a round robin creating a group project and this is how her version turned out.
Linda shows us an edging that she tatted with the new Pop-A-Bobbin shuttle that she received as a gift.
Bonnie tatted these earrings which are a pattern from Yarnplayer's new book.

Kelly is delighted with the influx of hankies she received when folks discovered that she was tatting edgings for them. At the moment she's working on a border for a edging around a wedding invitation for a September gift.

Shirl found a hanky with a lovely tatted edging at a flea market

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Teresa said...

As Always- WOW!!! So much beautiful stuff to take in and such inspiration! This will definitely prod me to do some tatting today!