Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bookmarks, Bracelets, Hearts, Owl, Jacket and Motifs

BSOTF tatted a bookmark in Lizbeth zebra & Flora dark buttercup. In a similar pattern she made earrings in South Maid purple & Flora dark Buttercup.

Paige has been tatting and has a necklace and some bracelets made from Krystle's test HDT. Orsi thought she had the tatting part done but when she had the silk body of the jacket completed she realized that she needed to make the back of the tatting longer and had to tat 2 more rows. Here is the jacket so far with crocheted buttons and tatted loops.

Sue shows us some of Bethany's tatting, which is pretty good for a 14 year old that's just learned how to tat. Sue has just finished the spinnng wheel glass mat from Mary Konior's Tatting with Visual Patterns done in Lizbeth size 20 Royal Wave. She's continuing her snowflakes with one from Tatted Snowflakes by Vida Sunderman also tatted in Lizbeth size 20 Royal Wave.
Agasunset has received a commission to tat a set of masks for a wedding party with matching necklaces. She has begun with a mask designed by Anastasia Maltseva and has started her first trial necklace to match.
Cindy doesn't like making things that have separate motifs so tatting this doily in Lizbeth jelly bean, spring green and white size 20 thread was a challenge. She has plans to enter it in the fair and that was her motivation to get it done. She's counting the whole doily as motif #17, (that's one big motif!). Her other fair entry is a bookmark.
Anne is tatting hearts for Christmas and shares the pattern with us.
Fox has 2 motifs completed and 2 more to add. Nami's patter nwas tatted using Altin Basak Metallic, together with #80 pink Majestic around the border and accented with pewter grey beads she found in Kensington Market.
Kathy has added a few more motifs on scalloped black velvet paper discs to make quick pendants. The blue is Lizbeth Turquoise, size 20 and the Dimpled Rings motif is Lizbeth Vineyard Harvest, size 20. Krystle is working on a doily using HDT thread from Karey Solomon and a pattern from Lynn Morton's Tatting Patterns, done mostly while hubby was in the ER.

Martha thought she counted right, but then found that she didn't have quite enough patterns to fit in a four fold book so shee needed to design some more. The OWL is one of the extras and she gives us a peak that the designing process. These were done using Lizbeth Mocha Brown Dark, a thread she received in the thread exchange. Marty has another pair of ornaments made from the same pattern, but in different colors. This one is also her own pattern, but uses only four repeats. Both are made with size 20 Lizbeth.


Marty said...

Oops! I had to go back and fix my post. The ornaments I made were actually done with size 40 Lizbeth.

Teresa said...

All amazing!!!