Saturday, July 31, 2010

Motifs, Doilies, Earrings and a Cow

Ingrid made this doily in purple and white Durable cotton. The joins are different due to the different way of tatting that her teacher has. Has anyone seen this technique before? Nami has a pair of earrings she made for Killa Ree.
Lily was making progress on the Spinning Wheel glass mat, until she discovered that she had been making unnecessary joins which made it pucker.
Linda started Mom's Pink Doily from Nancy Tracy in size 20 Lizbeth #151-Angels Love. The pattern began to get lost in the variegated thread and after she did 2 of the outer motifs she switched to white to see how it looked. She cut off the 2 variegated motifs and she's going to finish this round in white and then wait for some Christmas Red #671 to arrive to do the next row. Fox is finally happy with her tatting. This is Mimi Dillman's Cluny Motif. She started the square morif again in lime green. One is OK but joining 3 more into it seems to be a bit of a bother. So she took a break to tat another dangle as a gift for a friend she'll be seeing next week. The blue motif with orange beads that she tatted for her eldest grandson, who is 5, is much admired and being sewn onto his knapsack. Grandma is thrilled that he loves it.
Sherry tatted Christel Weidmann's cow from the book Tatting Farm Animals in her "Coffee and Cream" HDT.

Shirl created a felt matchbook needlecase and decorated it with tatting.

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