Thursday, July 29, 2010

Doilies, Motifs, Ornaments, Bookmarks and Edging

Ingrid is joining the challenge and begins with several hanky edgings tatted with Durable crocheting thread which comes in lots of colours to match the hankies. The doily pattern, called 40 tulips, is from Ben Fikkert and the thread is also Durable cotton which doesn't have a size on the label. It's done in the "Turkish" method she was taught.

Nami created tatting as the flower petals with a crystal centre.
Kelly tatted this motif from Lisa Trumble of This 'n' Tat which took her a while to figure out because she hadn't tried tatting rings off the top of chains before using the shoelace trick. The next motif is the Trefoil Snowflake from Vida Sunderman's Tatted Snowflakes made in size 20 Lizbeth Carousel. From the same book Tatted Snowflakes she made the Glitter Snowflake in size 5 instead of the recommended size 30.
Sue shows us pictures of Bethany's progress.

Agasunset has decided to add a colourful section to her bridal work and she made a corsage for the mother of the bride and a smaller version for the flower girl.
Ann found Mary Konior's Beauty Spots was giving her fits. So she trashed it

Brigitte tatted Jon's overlapping chains bookmark in size 30 Star Gem in contrasting colors because she wanted to really show off the overlapping chains.

Fox managed to complete this motif, although she broke her promise to not use beads and to slow down and take her time. She just wanted it finished.
Marty tatted another .75 inch ornament, but she's finding that she has to use finer threads for these smaller ornaments so it isn't getting any faster. This design is her Lock Chain Ornament Cover using only 3 repeats with DMC size 80.
Sherry decided on a simple meandering edge to finish off her doily.

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Fox said...

WOW! You are speedy! How on earth do you ever keep up with all the tatting that happens? Way to go, Sharon!
Appreciative Fox : )