Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Doodles, Doilies, Hat, Motifs and Edging

Muskaan has joined the challenge and she has just finished making an interesting "I love tatting" doodle and posted all of her trials in making it from drawing to finished product. She initially planned to make it all in one pass and started with 2 colours. Then she ran into issues trying to get her threads coming out the side of the heart. The doodle has the potential to be used as a pendant or a bracelet.

Batty Tatter has row 8 of Renulek's Spring Doily done, although it tool all of her concentration and a lot of retro tatting.

Sue had some time while travelling to work on her hat. working on a large project like this with repeated motifs can make you feel like it's a never ending process, but she's finally at that last round before the band and brim.

Nancy has a new project going in red, white and blue to keep her occupied while bird watching.

Fox has started another of Renulek's doilies, this time in Venus size 70 or 80. She's still working on the Luck Clover doily which is currently 6 inches across. She finished her hanky edging and she's happy with it, but wishes she had chosen a different edging. She sewed the picots to the back side to manage a neater frontside, but then the frilly part was lost. She has finished this round of the new doily and is not sure what colour to choose next as she's not sure how large it will be. She decided to stick with the Venus thread that she thinks is size 80. The lucky clover doily is being done in vintage DMC and is almost too large for the scanner.

Kristen is finishing her latest spiderweb doily and trying to decide is she should add beads. The full size doily looked like this. And this is what the ends look like without beads. Here is the smaller doily she did with beads. She doesn't have beads in the centre and she's wondering if it would look weird with beads on the outside.

Marie created another pendant made from a focal bead and two strands of metallic sewing thread and she's calling this one Blue Ice. Another one using a focal bead and two strands of metallic sewing thread she has called Sunshine.

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