Friday, April 11, 2014

Doilies, Necklaces, Earrings, Bunnies, Motifs, Ring and Cameo

Batty Tatter is up to row 5 on Renulek's Spring Doily, but working on it while being distracted in the waiting room meant that some mistakes had to be cut off.

Lilas has her very first diagrammed pattern completed for her Feather necklace and she has graciously posted it to her blog.

Sue has 5 motifs done on her hat and she even sewed in the ends. Getting to the end of a large project and then having mind numbing hours of sewing in ends, is enough to keep the project an unfinished WIP for years to come. Remember this lovely necklace? Now it has matching earrings.

Nancy has used Mark Myers' pattern to tat Bunnies in lots of chocolate flavours.

Diane is working on the next round of Marilee Rocklee's Arches doily.

Fox is chugging right along on Renulek's Spring doily, but as with all large doilies, the more rounds you tat the longer it takes to finish the round.

Marie tatted another motif from the Occhi book. She fused the motifs onto a summer shirt and added a little gold fabric paint. Motifs are great for dressing up all kinds of things like shirts, jeans, hats and bags.

Orsi loves Maltese tatting and has used it to create a ring with a celtic rose. The cameo is a good basic piece for future motifs.

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