Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pendants, Motifs, TIAS, Doilies, Star, Bracelet, Earrings and Hairclips

Cigdem used Lizbeth in black size 10 , silver metallic thread and Lizbeth size 3 as a core thread to make this Celtic design pendant.

Mistene plans to make all of the motifs from Jon Yusoff's Elegant Tatted Gems. Lazuardi was tatted in Lizbeth 684, Leaf Green Medium. Sahmura was also done in the same colour. Kencana was worked in Lizbeth 688, Seagreen dark.

Lelia tatted this motif pattern from Mini Tats by Patti Duff in Lizbeth, size 20, colour 671.

Nancy really enjoyed this TIAS and now she plans to work on the rest of the 'bonus' patterns to go with this cute little train.

SunshineCraft started the mystery doily for the third time, this time using Cebelia 20, a thread that she has in large quantities.

Ancolie tatted a simple star for Christmas.

Diane chose to quit the pattern that wasn't working for her and went on to doily #4 from Tatted Fashion by Teiko Fujito. She's already on round 3 and this pattern is working much better for her. She decided to check out how much thread her new Sunlit shuttle would hold. She loaded it with what she thinks was about 4 yards of size 3 Lizbeth and this was as far as she got tatting this Mary Konior design. The Starlit shuttles, on the other hand, hold plenty of the size 3 thread to complete this pattern, with even a little thread left on the shuttle. The Sunlit shuttle held about 7 yards of size 10 Lizbeth, and you can see side by side, the Flower Fragment from  A Pattern Book of Tatting by Mary Konior, size 3 thread is on the left and size 10 on the right.

Fox finally understands this Iris Niebach design that she has done one full pattern repeat for, but now she's decided that she doesn't like the thread colour and doesn't plan on doing the other 5 repeats. At day 10 of the TIAS it looks somewhat like an Amish carriage. She has almost finished the 4th round of the Mystery Doily. The finished TIAS is revealed to be a train. Fox has added hers to a T-shirt for a special little girl.

Kristen was pretty busy on her recent trip to Hong Kong, but she did manage to finish this pretty Rose Medallion from "Mastering Tatting". She got behind on the TIAS, but she quickly caught up. At one point she thought it might be a snail sticking it's tongue out, but at her last tat she figured it was probably a train.

Margaret still had no ideas as to what the TIAS was as of day 9. By Day 10 she knew it was a train and she wanted to add a car to it, so using a little of this and a little of that, this is what she came up with. Of course then she emailed Sherry, who pointed her to the bonus patterns.

Marie's double ring bracelet was inspired by Nina and tatted in Lizbeth, size 3, Jungle Green. She was the lucky recipient of a pair of gorgeous earrings from Umi & Tsuru, made using Iris's "Preferred Necklace and Earring Set". This bracelet was designed for Rachel and tatted in Lizbeth, size 3, Jungle Greens. This shuttle is made from black walnut wood (from her grandpa's farm)and is inlaid with tatting and crystals. This vase of flowers is sitting on a doily was from Lea Rako ("Tattalittle). Here is her TIAS train, finished. The Peach Bracelet is another Rachel's Bracelets to go with the necklace designed by Jon and tatted in size 3 crochet thread.

Martha test tatted this pendant for Miranda (Tatting Fool) who has a contest for the pattern and findings to make it. The proceeds from the sale of the pattern will be donated to the New Mexico Brain Injury Alliance.

Mica used what she thinks is Lizbeth size 20 thread and the colour is "Mountain Breeze" for this design. The pattern is Quatrain designed by Frivole and although she initially planned on a 3 x 3 square but it's finally grown to 4 x 4 and she decided to stop.

Sherry's Picadilly Express train has been this year's entertainingly delightful TIAS.

Wanda was searching through her craft items and cam across a lot of tatting that has been hiding. Hair accessories that she had made back when her kids were much younger and she had long hair. There are a couple of head bands and a snood as well as a lot of decorated barrettes, mixed in with miscellaneous other items. Maybe someday her granddaughter will want to play dress-up or something with them.

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