Saturday, October 05, 2013

Earrings, Edging, Gloves, Motifs, Heart, Doilies, TIAS, Cat and Necklace

Cigdem used DMC variegated threads in Bonfire and Evergreen Forest colour and orange faceted crystal beads in her Pumpkin Harvest earring design.

Julie found some green hankies with green tatted borders in the antique shop but wasn't excited enough with them to buy them.

Jessica is thrilled with the new Craftsy set up that lets you link to your own pattern store and show pictures of your own patterns on the sidebar.

Marta test tatted Fox' Pine Plains Picot design, one with a metal finding and beads and a version without. Both were tatted with Ariadne thread in creamy Marshmallow and Ada in two shades of beige.

Carrie tatted Birgit's Quick Heart in size 10 variegated pink thread as a reminder to her husband's cousins that they are loved, through the difficult time of their father's passing.

Diane has been asked to make a 14 inch doily for Christmas. She timed the staring round to get an idea of how long this project is going to take and was dismayed to find that it took 20 minutes. There's lots more tatting to go.

Fox received a different version of her Pine Plains Picot from Marta. She used Perfect Quilter thread to tat the fine edging for this delicate hanky. She is taking lots of little breaks, and playing around with random bits of thread, while working on the Mystery Doily in Cèbèlia #30. Surprisingly, she's enjoying working with Cebelia this time. It the change in the thread, or in her tension?

Kristen has day 5 of TIAS done and she can tell her original guess of a unicycle was wrong. The Spiderweb doily is still growing. Day 6 or TIAS is done. The Spiderweb doily is finished and looking so lovely that her husband has suggested framing it. She was playing with a couple of the motifs in Lindsay Rogers' book "Mastering Tatting but they gave her a bit of trouble. With a little perseverance she finished them. Stained Glass Window Variation in Size 10 Lizbeth #136 Autumn Spice and Heart Motif in size 30 Cebélia, White and an antique blue shade. She finds it amazing how different it feels to work with the different sized threads.

Margaret has Day 4 and Day 5 of Sherry's TIAS done working in Lizbeth size 20 Purple Splendor thread.

Marie tatted the Shuttlebird challenge, the cat, from Nancy Tracy in Lizbeth, size 20, Mocha Brown med and dk. Jon too her square motif and turned it into a necklace which Marie tatted in size 3 thread.

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