Thursday, October 10, 2013

Doilies, TIAS, Earrings, Necklaces and Motif

mb duke is making progress on the Anne Orr doily and is already finished  round 4. She has Day 7 of TIAS done and it reminds her of a "Panic Pete" toy.

Marta found the gold and red days of fall inspired these earrings done in golden yellow Turkish thread and ruby red beads. Rich plums frozen and dried into prunes were the inspiration for this necklace.

Nancy decided to start a second TIAS. The first is in Lizbeth's Seagreen Lt and the second one is Paintbrush, both at Day 7.

SunshineCraft hid the ends and pressed the two completed rounds of the mystery doily and decided it was done since it's a decent size to put under a vase and she's run out of thread.

Marie tatted this necklace in Lizbeth, size 3, Jungle Green and notes that it's a great pattern for needle tatters to practice their directional tatting. This necklace is done in Lizbeth size 3 Ocean Sunset, one of her favourite colours. This last one is in Lizbeth, size 3, Country Turquoise Med.

Orsi has tatted a pumpkin colour tatted necklace, which goes into her Etsy shop.

Wanda designed this motif that she tatted in Lizbeth #136 Autumn Spice in size 20 to get her in the mood for the season.

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