Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Lady, Teapot, Bookmarks, Doilies, Stars, Snowflakes, Flowers, Pin and Pendant

The Guidelines
1. Permission to copy. When a participant joins they are authorizing us to copy their pictures to be shown on the challenge blog.
2. There is no need to advise the Challenge Team to let let us know when you've added things to your blog. We check all of the blogs when we do an update.
3. We can't keep track of how many motifs each person does. You may post articles of tatting that you don't plan on including in your 25, or you may post a pair of earrings and count each earring as a separate motif. We don't read minds, so it's up to each participant to tell us when they have reached their goal of 25.
4. We know from past experience that the challenge is addictive. If you finish and plan on doing it again let us know so that we continue to check your blog on a regular basis.
5. Whenever you get a chance don't just view the pictures here, take the time to click on the links to people's blogs and read all about what they are doing, instead of just getting the snippets of it here. People like it when you take the time to visit their blog and comment on their work. A lot of the fun of the challenge is that we get to know each other and encourage one another to try new things.

Laurie starts off her new year with the Crinoline Lady from Pam Palmer's Tatting Treats 2 booklet in Lizbeth thread in size 20, #640 Antique Violet Medium.

Margaret finishes off her challenge of tatting teapots with the Tiny Square Teapot in Lizbeth no 20 in Falling Leaves and Antique Rose Tea Set in a lemon size 20, although it looks white in the photo. She has plans to start another 25 motifs in 2013. This beautiful bookmark was sent to her from Wendy and  it's from the book Playing with Picots.

Julie finished round 3 of the Norma Benporath Lace Mat which was revived by Jon Yusoff. Here is round 4 in progress, and here is round 4 almost complete.

Linda finds a CQ card with little tatted flower embellishments works up quicker than a post card. The Finger Lakes Tatting Group is creating a "Starry-Night" quilt to auction off and these are some pointed stars tatted in gold thread made for it.

Diane finished tatting Doodad Snowflake #2 in Snow White on Christmas morning, while Doodad Snowflake #1 in Snow White was placed on the tree New Year's Eve. Then she started a Triangular Doodad Snow Crystal in  Lizbeth Snow White #601. The blue snowflake was a gift from La Cosette. She has been contemplating a new resolution to be thorough in providing information on the things she has tatted, like Motif #1 from Minitats: 69 Petite Motifs by Patti Duff done in size 20 Lizbeth, Wedgewood Dk #656 using a Shuttle Brothers shuttle and picot gauges by Georgia Seitz. This motif is from Tatting theory and patterns by Jan Stawasz done in size 40 Lizbeth, Cranberry Bush #181.

Fox has been playing with posies. Posy by Mary Konior in mauve Olympus thread size 40 with tiny green, pink and mauve beads, then in green with red beads which she tatted and gave to her daughter-in-law, so she had to do another for herself. Row 14 of the interminable honey doily appeared to ruffle, but a rough blocking shows that it's still laying flat. She needs to get more thread and in the interim she used up what was left of Jess' HDT on a Karey Solomon design and one round design of her own.

Jess decided to try tatting an amigurumi dolls and with size 20 thread around a size 40 core and the dots of colour across the chest were created by the lock joins. The Penelope doll was created for her by her friend Mandy using yarn and fabric that Jess had dyed for her. Of course Jess had to add some tatting in Penelope's hand. This is another one of Karey's snowflakes done in Chilled Mess. Followed by Julie Patterson's Petals bookmark in Calliope Mess. Jon's Sweetheart Medallion, tatted on the left in size 40 Grackle Mess and on the right size 100 Rainbowlicious.

Marie tatted 20 different snowflakes for 20 innocent children to go to the new Sandy Elementary School in Connecticut.  All of the snowflakes were done in size 20 crochet thread and you can find the source information on Marie's blog. This pin was done in Lizbeth, size 20, Antique Violet Lt with tiny clear beads. This is one of her favourite bauble patters because it fits around so many different size baubles.

Mica has posted a happy new year snowflake, Jon's Quantiesque.

Michelle's sister had a friend commission 6 large crosses so they were done in size 20 thread. The first was done in Scottish Thistle and white, the second in another Lizbeth thread and white, but the finished cross using a pattern she's done before, but doesn't remember where it comes from, seemed a littl small, so she modified it. The larger version is done in a Lizbeth colour her family doesn't like, and white. Then there is the Mary Konior small cross which was huge. The last three are from Lene Bjørn, it's called Maria done in Lizbeth Blue River Glades and white, and blue and white. Then she tatted snowflakes beginning with Frivole's Snow Crystals in Lizbeth, size 20 Blue Ice and she thinks the third one is from Festive Tatting. Anothe of Frivole's Snow Crystal, Betsy Evan's snowflake, then Frivole's Regal- with beads and a final one she thinks might be from Festive Tatting.

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